Jaya Guru Datta

 Friday Prayer Link to bhajan: 
 mantra pramāṇaṁ mantraika vēdyaṁ
 mantra svarūpaṁ bhaja dattaṁ
 mantrārṇa rūpaṁ mantrārtha gopaṁ
 mantra pradīpaṁ bhaja dattaṁ

 dram bīja vāsaṁ dāridryanāśaṁ
 dayānivēśaṁ bhaja dattaṁ
 ṣaḍakṣarēśaṁ sampatprakāśaṁ
 yogopadeśaṁ bhaja dattaṁ ...1

 aṣṭārṇavedyaṁ bhavarōga vaidyaṁ
 ānanda hṛdyaṁ bhaja dattaṁ
 dvādaśa varṇaṁ ānanda pūrṇaṁ
 yogottīrṇaṁ bhaja dattaṁ ...2


 ṣoḍaśa bījaṁ gururājarājaṁ
 kaivalya bhājaṁ bhaja dattaṁ
 dattātreyaṁ kṛṣṇaṁ hariṁ taṁ
 unmatta rūpaṁ bhaja dattaṁ ...3


 ānandadāyakaṁ muni bāla rūpaṁ

 piśācaveṣaṁ bhaja dattaṁ
 viśuddha jñāna sāgara mīśaṁ
 saccidānandaṁ bhaja dattaṁ ...4
 To know Datta, mantras alone are the source. He is the One to be known through 
the mantras.  Adore Datta!
 The letters of the mantras constitute Datta’s form. He is the protector of 
mantras and the One who is illumined by the mantras.  Adore that Datta.
 Lord Datta dwells in the seed letter DRAM. He is the destroyer of the poverty 
in his devotees.  He is the six-lettered mantra. He is the bestower of wealth 
and instructor of Yoga.  Worship such Datta.
 Datta can also be known through the eight-lettered mantra. He is the healer of 
the disease called samsara. He illumines our heart with limitless bliss.  He is 
the presiding deity of the twelve-lettered mantra. He is blissful and the 
master of Yoga. Worship such Datta.
 The sixteen-lettered mantra represents him. He is an emperor among gurus. He 
is the bestower and the repository of emancipation. He is Krishna and Hari. He 
appears intoxicated at times.  Worship such Datta.
 He is the granter of bliss. He sometimes appears as an ascetic, sometimes as a 
boy, and other times as a ghost or goblin. He is the ocean of pure knowledge. 
He is the supreme Lord. He is Sachchidananda. Worship such Datta.

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