At the movement’s GCWP’ Jan 12 celebration meeting yesterday in the Fairfield 
Dome and from MERU Dr. Nader presented an interesting assessment drawing on 
some of Maharishi’s observations from a few decades ago of a ‘Lower’ 
intelligence (AI) as artificial distinguishing a ‘higher’ intelligence 
potential of the human being now with
 ‘Cosmic’ Intelligence.  
 Then pointing out a risk of the higher natural intelligence potential of the 
human being becoming enslaved by a moving and growth in matrix of an artificial 
intelligence, that is very un-natural, in to the world.  

 Avoid the danger that has not yet come..


 Also, thanks for the link, Carde. Really good re-cap of the physics that is 
known... Was very relevant to spirituality here.  

 I just listened to it  now while out choring the sheep and checking the horses 
after coming back from the World Wide Group Meditation (WWGM) tonite, Really 
nice still meditation in the group. Something like those two photons 
communicating across distance. Amazing.  

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 anaadimat paraM brahma! (BG)



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