But what happens, when someone dies and the Vitalism goes from the body?     
 ..the "vital spark"


 the theory that the origin and phenomena of life are dependent on a force or 
principle distinct from purely chemical or physical forces.



 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitalism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitalism


 the belief that "living organisms are fundamentally different from non-living 
entities because they contain some non-physical element or are governed by 
different principles than are inanimate things".
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 In looking at “What is Vitalism” I see that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi promulgated 
a form of Vitalism in the 1970’s as The Science of Creative Intelligence . The 
Science of Creative Intelligence was a stripped down secularized 
transcendentalism and offered a technique as self-study empiricism to 
experience it.  Jealous religionists dragged this Vitalism in to the Federal 
Courts asserting that the teaching of this in public schools amounted to 
government establishment of religion and should be stopped.
 This generated a long Federal District Court case which became a discovery as 
to what constitutes religion in America. Many experts were called upon in 
sequence to testify. Christians arguing ™ is a religion. ™’ers refuting saying, 
no this meditation and understanding around it is not a religious practice or 
religion. By definition then The Science of Creative Intelligence (SCI) was 
adjudicated a religion and could not be offered directly in public schools but 
the practice of meditation would be okay. 

 The Federal Court opinion in the case is actually really interesting 
jurisprudence to read for how it delineated what are the “Indica of religion” 
and applied them in the case. 

 I pasted the text of the Federal Court opinion in a place on the internet as a 
quick reference to find.

 See if this opens for you, 
 it goes to a Yahoo group that is open and can be publicly read. Sometimes you 
have to fuss with your browsers to get one that works well with Yahoo. 
 Once it opens then tap on the faint “Show Message History” to open the opinion 

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 One could posit that the eschatology of a TM community would entail vitalism. 

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