MMY’s B.Gita? Odds are likely that I put the copy I had of MMY’s B. Gita with 
LB Shriver’s papers and other papers that are at the University of Iowa now. Or 
it went to one of the other special collections on TM that are at scholarly 
libraries around the country. Including criticism the U. of Ia. has the best 
research collection now of these growing TM collections. JGD

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 There was spiral bound printing of the B.Gita Chapts 7-8-9 translation and 
commentary by Maharishi that recently was clandestinely passed around 
Fairfield, in the last year or two.  This had translation and commentary by 
Maharishi that was edited by some in the TM movement. 

 Some years ago I was given a photocopy of the complete chapters of Maharishi’s 
translation and commentary. It is somewhere, possibly in a pile of related 

 Jerry Jarvis in his papers had the complete B.Gita chapters that Maharishi 
did, with translation and commentary. Hopefully they are secure in some 
academic collection now somewhere that they can become public domain. I spoke 
with Jerry about this in the last year or so and he had hoped to have it 
published without its being tampered with in someone’s job of further editing. 

 Don’t know if the whole of MMY’s Gita translation and commentary and nothing 
but the Gita translation and commentary from Maharishi will see the light of 

 The status of Maharishi’s complete B.Gita is a lot like back when the 
christian Churches tried to suppress the direct reading of the Bible by any 
except in direct authority of clergy. 

 Like in those Christian times of suppression there are now reading groups 
springing up to share and read M’s Gita directly outside of the TM.rg’s direct 


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 I bought Chapter 7 of the Gita from the MUM bookstore.  But a few years ago, 
someone wrote here on this site that the Purusha group wanted the books 
exclusively for their own use.  Hence, the bookstore stopped selling them.

 You can get an idea of the topics discussed by reading Srila Prabhupada's 
version of the Gita, "As It Is".

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 Hello, Greetings ;

                    I wondered where could we find the later chapters of the 
Bhagavad Gita (7, 8, 9) Maharishi has not yet published, I know there is one 
section on the "links" page but it doesn't work anymore... 

 I wondered also , as the library of 16 books by Maharishi is not available on 
the Maharishi Ayurveda Websites, where could it be available or Rather have you 
got " Ram - Ramayan- Ram Leela_ Ram Raj" book by Maharishi or other books you 
might have  ?
 I know it is quite a lot of wonderings... Thank you very much in advance... 
 Hugues, JGD

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