March 11 – April 18, Mon. & Thurs. evenings
In Dalby Hall in Fairfield, Iowa and Online

 New Course with Dr. Bevan Morris

   Dr. Bevan Morris will be sharing his unique personal memories of Maharishi 
and reflections on the gifts that Maharishi gave to the world. Having worked 
closely with Maharishi as a teacher and leader in our worldwide organization 
for nearly 50 years, Dr. Morris is ideally placed to offer a deep insight into 
Maharishi’s vision for the world.
 Dr. Morris will explore:
 How Maharishi started his worldwide Movement, and how spontaneously it 
developed year after year, reaching every corner of the planet What Maharishi 
did to fully transform the knowledge and technologies available to the world in 
every field of life during 53 years of service to Guru Dev The nature of the 
golden age of the human race that is now rising as a direct result Reflections 
of personal experiences of Maharishi’s cosmic genius and supreme achievements
 The course fee is $125 or $75 discounted rate for MUM staff, IAA grant 
recipients and others. (Please see details at
 Prerequisite: TM technique

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