In FF conversation:

 “..In this, the throat has become weaponized between the upper fields and 
lower, unregulated in fear. 

 There is a tremendous amount of fear in the collective. Fear of not having 
enough and that whatever people have, rich or poor, what they have might be 
taken away.  

 Kali Yuga is about lies, power and fear. This is a time where the throat has 
become a weapon of the lower chakras. Weaponized. Unregulated by the heart. 

 ..The heart is the capacity to look outside oneself.   
 Like Jesus saying in the Bible about rich people and camels passing through 
eyes of needles. These spiritually poor rich people live in mentalized fear.   

 ..There are a few examples of where some people are waking up and looking out 
the third eye and more from the heart.

 ..An activating of the eye and heart of these mushroom people though, changing 
this becomes of a necessity for the common good. Waking them up, looking out 
the third eye, the heart to a sense of sharing. The contrast experience.  

 That is the premise of doing the spiritual work to put the system together. 
Meditating, doing good works with others for others. Doing the spiritual 
improvement work. Becoming better human beings.” 

---In, <> wrote :

 The Mushroom Man..

 "This is a human who is shut down. Is completely un-integrated. The faculties 
of the mind are not even informed. What we would consider a disciplined mind, 
he really is running from down here (lower chakras) which means, his appetite.  
Impulses, his gut, revenge. What we call the seven deadly sins, he is the 
embodiment of the seven deadly sins because he is cut off from here, the heart, 
uniformed from above. That is what you got. 

 It is very alarming spirituality. It is not unique to him but it is just the 
degree and who he is. It is in the electorate also. Uncultivated spirituality, 
you see it. And he is speaking to that in an electorate that is working from 
there. They are not the king mushroom like him but little mushroom energy 
systems that resonate to that. Lacking of empathy, and where is that? In the 
heart and connection to that. It is not in pity but real empathy, in 
connection. Connectivity is a feature of the heart chakra. In mushroom people 
empathy is a big victim. 
 The stakes are phenomenal, unprecedented, planetary right now." 

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 In FF Conversation:   

 The Mushroom Man..  

 “..So when you look at them as energy bodies they have these great big caps, 
bloated, something here as the throat, little tiny here hollow in the heart 
middle, and then these great big pillars below. Trump is like the King of 

 There is a whole class of them. That is where they come from, they are 
dangerous because they have this configuration.  They are uninformed by the 
heart and they are uninformed by their souls. Their higher selves are at 
distance looking down, so to speak, not even watching with the witness thing, 
their being is acting out its little causative thing in human life without 
direction, without that direct connection. Of course when you meditate that 
connection is what you open up, that soul nature comes in and informs us, it 
then helps guide this, the whole personality thing, and character.“

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 In communal FF Satsang: 

 “..You bet he says he says he goes by his ‘gut’ because he is cut off from 
what is above, the energy body ends there. The heart becomes impoverished in 
this, it has no juice and energy and enthusiasm from below, the lower is not 
informing the heart anymore and the heart suffers becoming frightened, lonely 
and insecure. 

 Then what happens is what we call the energetic by-pass, that the energy of 
these centers in and of themselves being closed off, and the downward energies 
of the crown are closed off, the crown, the third eye is closed off. The 
downward information of this is closed off.  This is what makes this really 
dangerous. This looks like a cap, a grey cap over the upper chakras, a fog. 
Like a grey fog.

 This throat then becomes the weapon, weaponized. The energies down below 
bypass the heart and they come up in to the throat and the throat simply 
becomes a mouthpiece for this, it is not informed by the heart, there is no 
wisdom in the speech, there is no grace, there is no compassion.  From above 
there is no guidance in the sense of unity or any of the higher principles of 
what humanity can be.” 

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 In FF conversation.. 

 "..We have these energy bodies we live in with these energy fields, they are 
spinning, chakras, lined up.  One of the things chakras do is they talk to each 
other. They have a sort of governance, of certain qualities, you could say.  In 
a healthy human being they are communicating with each other, for instance the 
throat chakra in communication to the heart one is hearing divine guidance and 
one is clear about ones truth, that through the throat it is speaking but it is 
informed by the heart, that it is not just egoic blasting. That it is something 
informed by wisdom and compassion. It is important that the chakras articulate 
with each other. 

 The mushroom man.. "

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 From spiritual conversation in Fairfield, Iowa 

 "..So when you have people who are energetically blocked and are operating 
only from the lower chakras those areas become bloated and uninformed. So in 
the mushroom man, they have these monstrously bloated lower chakras. Trump is 
like the king of mushroom man.

Now, the lower chakras are not to be vilified, they are the engine of human 
life, they govern our relationship to the earth, our creative capacity and they 
govern our ability to do essential work, there are a lot of them there. When 
you have people who are blocked and are operating from those three lower 
chakras they become bloated, they come to look like a stem to a toadstool. The 
chakras stick way out there and they are stirring within each other uninformed 
by the ones above them. There is a blockage above them." 

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 In Fairfield, 
 recitations of Shri Suktam and 108 recitations of the Lakshmi Gayatri.


 Saturday the 5th of January,

 an informal gathering for those wanting to recite and/or listen to the 108 
recitations of Shri Suktam and 108 recitations of the Lakshmi Gayatri.  We will 
start at 10am and likely go until mid afternoon. 


 All are welcome to attend, participate or just listen to 108 recitations of 
these sacred invocations of MahaLakshmi from 10 am to approx. 3 pm : 

 South on Rte 1 (Main St.) under Rte. 34 overpass, 1st left on 227th, 2nd house 
on the right. 

---In, <> wrote :

 Mirabai Devi visiting to Fairfield, Iowa.. 
 Sunday 2-4pm, 6 January 
 At Morningstar Studio

---In, <> wrote :

 There is a larger community in spiritually activated peoples out in Fairfield, 
Iowa also that is unseen under this seemingly bigger BATGAP Fairfield, Iowa 
exposure. Everyday Fairfield hosts a lot of deeper spiritual life and practice 


 In Conversation.. 

“A cohesion in the community in meditating Fairfield, Iowa is that people 
understand the essential premise of “the second element” in this, that the 
Transcendent is the real deal. They get it. We were taught well. This actually 
is a really great sign of health in the community,  Because if we were all kept 
trotting along behind the TM banner the way that it was taught then that would 
be the cult.”   - ..from the spiritual Fairfield satsang.

 FF Satsang:

 “..All kinds of spiritual practice is going on here. The thread is that people 
understand it because of Maharishi, because of the holy tradition. They 
understand the state, that it is not just about having flashy experience


---In, <> wrote :

 Some folks who are very present in 
 the ongoing spiritual satsang of Fairfield, Iowa..
 Janet Sussman ConnieHuebner Steve 
Winn Steve & 
Winifred Boggs Dorothy Rowe Stan Kendz  Andy Schulman
 Fax & Sharon Gilbert  Sandra Glickman
 The Fosters
 John Hagelin  


 Fairfield, Iowa the number one Top City for Meditation.
 30 Top Cities and Towns for Meditation in America
 An article: 


 Radical Peace

 Amidst Radical Change


This session will focus on constructive ways to come to a state of deep inner 
peace in the face of the struggles inherent in our everyday lives.If you are 
interested in joining the group, please respond to this email asap. I will 
start the class on and 
make the event available through audio recordings to long distance course 
participants. These recordings will also be available to participants who are 
coming in person to my home in Fairfield.



 Please make your reservation for this group on my website at  Or just come the day the course 

 Feel free to pass this notice along to family and friends who might be 
interested in attending.




 An Evening of Transformational Music 
with Janet Sussman DATE:
Saturday, February 9, 2019

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm. Live in Fairfield, IA 52556

909 S. Main St., Fairfield, IA 52556


 Fairfield, Iowa's Divine Mother Church,  Downtown at the Fairfield square..

 ..join us for Empowerment Healings on Saturdays -- and Feast of Light sessions 
on Tuesdays, led by Connie*.  Some highlights of our extended calendar are 
listed here.  Be sure to check listings for all the events in the calendar 


 Feast of Light Healings
 These sessions are a wonderful pick-me-up in the middle of a busy week, and we 
encourage you to take advantage of them. They are shorter than the Saturday 
sessions, so they can fit into your lunch break.
 12:15 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.  Central Time USA
Tuesday, January 8, 2019
Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Tuesday, January 22, 2019
 Tuesday, January 29, 2019  
 Attend these sessions in person at Divine Mother Church, 51 N Court, Fairfield 
- or by teleconference at  712-770 8027, CONFERENCE CODE 468716.



 Conversation From the Fairfield satsang.. 
 Q: David Spero is very good at a transmission of soul energy but this other, 
he is not directly of this other process of spiritual body, subtle body and 
cultivating those processes as the heart-mind and such as Janet, Matt, or 
Cynthia particularly entail it. 
 A: You can see why because all that can become distracting in itself. It is 
funny, one sort of chooses one distraction for another. 
 It used to be that it was meditation, meditation, meditation in the meditating 
community until it became more multi-formed in a coming on of ‘Vedic Sciences’. 
..That is because we needed to have the elevated value of this, the beautiful. 
Then is the sublime value of the Divine masculine, it is this open mind, it is 
this capacity of consciousness itself, the experience of the silence. But it is 
only part of what needs to happen in this process. 
 In David there is a type of unification in process in what unity is, there is 
both. In what makes unity unity is not just infinite unbounded silence but 
infinite unbounded silence and infinite unbounded dynamism together at the same 
time. Not one or the other but both wedded. That is what Cynthia Bourgeault was 
talking about with this ecstatic languaging in Christianity, that there is a 
way it gets language-ed historically. 

 Q: AND THEN you have David Spero activating, transmitting soul energy this 
other aspect, shakti. Is able to trigger that palpably in people. He is very 
effective at transmitting this.   
 A: That is the first track Matt Kahn is describing, that is what the first 
group is. That is that job. His job is the first ascension group. He is out 
there holding the light, that is his job.

 In FF satsang: 

 ..Don’t get hung up on Matt Kahn’s goofy shirts that he wears. or his 
 But Matt Kahn is cheering on those of us who are so interested in and have 
been dedicated to spiritual development, the Big “S” Spiritual development, 
upliftment. That it is not for nothing. That because as one has been engaged in 
it that it is not useless in this world or it is frivolous or inconsequential 
to what needs to happen here. That actually it holds the vibration and holds 
the criminal element back. 
 He says that it is all part of one light, even the ones who are asleep. They 
are all still of the light. It is very uplifting. He has quite a construct of 
understanding, as a teacher at another level, as a native adept, like Janet 
Sussman. He is both very practical and advaitin-like in a way he strips down to 
the essentials, stripping the constructs, the excess to get to the essentials, 
the essential value of nonduality, which Cynthia very astutely gets to.  .


 The FF Satsang continuing, over coffee:
 “..They are meant to be together (head and heart) . You don’t abdicate the 
head, the brain, the mind or the heart, they are together, the ‘masculine and 
 Q: it sets up a duality talking about this, identifying it. 
 A: What Matt Kahn points out is that there are people on various tracks, we 
are all on ascension tracks, we are all in tracks, this is not a better than 
the other. The first track is the one is where the people are standing in light 
where the people are light bearers. Where people are light holders. The people 
who are in consciousness where they are standing there in the light and that is 
their main job. Being light holders. 
 Then you have the second track, which is people who are becoming activated by 
what they see as problems in the world and they are going to look for social 
justice solutions, constructs, and so they are activated, and then a third 
track of people asleep. The third track is people who are always up to 
technology, on their phones, who their reference is always the phone, IT, 
 Light holders, social construct, and then the asleep who are willing and 
wanting to wed themselves to technology. 
 Matt Kahn is saying we all have our place in this, we are all in to this 
together. In his view this is going to become very clear in the next two years, 
unambiguous.  These Three general tracks is how people are going to be moving 
forward. He says there are people just waiting to have apps in their heads, for 
there to be apps, downloaded and become wedded to their technology, some kind 
of artificial intelligence. 


 FF Coffee haus Satsang:  
 “You have to love this, I love this that there she was at SAND. Wow!   Thank 
god that someone is finally speaking to this.” 
 Q: The TM neuroscience people would be studying this if he had an apparatus to 
do it, the heart-mind?  
 A: “They do but they are brain-centric. 
 “..In this discussion of spirituality Matt Kahn has a good description, 
embedded in the discussion of the expression of spirituality he says, and this 
makes sense, that we are moving from a third dimensional reality to a 5th 
dimensional reality. The third dimensional reality is dominated by the mind and 
the fifth dimensional reality is dominated by the heart. 
 So you have the head and the heart, 3rd and 5th, and how to get there is 
through here, the connecting of the head and heart.  The connectivity is what 
Janet Sussman identifies as the ‘articulation’ between the two, the 
communication between the two where you are moving from the third dimension of 
the mind and its constructs to the non-linear value of the fifth.  It does make 
sense that we are moving from a third dimensional reality to a fifth. The third 
dimensional reality, it is that we are dominated by the mind. The fifth 
dimensional reality is dominated by the heart. How do you get between the  two? 
The fourth dimension is time. We are moving through that, the throat area , 
expression. The connectedness, the ‘articulation’, as Janet says it. 
 What you see in the advaitins and the TM people is that it is all about the 
brain,  the head and the mind. Some Buddhists too, some of the Buddhist 
practices are very head centered.  
 The The third eye is insight and the throat area, the 4th, is poetry, 
speaking, the expression between the two, the fourth dimension. The vehicle, 
this part, the fourth dimension is time. So you are moving from the concrete 
three dimensional world of the mind and its constructs to the non-linear value 
of the fifth.  So this is what you see in spiritual development, this makes so 
much sense. This is where the advaitins are, this is where the TM people are, 
in the head, the mind, all in the head. Brain, Brain, Brain. It is all in the 
head. Very head centric. Some of the Buddhist practices can be very head 
 You have to love this, I love this that there she was at SAND. Wow!   Thank 
god that someone is finally speaking to this. Maybe others have spoken to this 
at SAND.  Janet spoke there at SAND. But this woman she has all the 
credentials, the cred. Unfortunately Janet does not have the credentials like 
Cynthia has to be heard. A doctorate, a teacher professor at BU. It was 
gorgeous what Cynthia did there. Very profound.  She packed so much in to that 
half hour, it is kind of mind-blowing. It is worth listening to again. 
 What Matt Kahn is talking about is what she would call the “heart-mind”, 
bringing the head in to the heart. It is the same thing. They are talking about 
the same thing. He was just talking about it in a more esoteric process where 
she was talking about it identifying it with this cultivation practice. These 
are ways of speaking to it. " 


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