Morally it seems generally that Maharishi’s advice mostly was to avoid conflict 
with civil society like with his not generally taking an explicit stand on 
whether meditators should or should not be drafted into military service or 
should or should not pay war taxes to civil authorities.

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 Q: Meditators should judge in conscience accordingly, and be good citizens? 

 Time to re-read Thoreau's essay,  Civil Disobedience. 

 Not just some meditators, but at least two of the three arrested are Governors 
of the Age of Enlightenment representatives of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. 

 What did ‘Guru Dev’ say on Spiritual Morality and its Moral Compass?


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 In Disrespecting the Law..

 FBI files report on three Fairfield residents 

 Three Fairfield residents were arrested for trespassing in 2016 while 
protesting climate change, and recently learned that they were the subject of a 
Federal Bureau of ...

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