Election The word "election," or "elect," comes from the Greek word eklectos 
and occurs about 25 times in the New Testament. It signifies "to pick out, 
choose, to pick or choose out for one's self, a choosing one out of many."1 The 
one who does the choosing, the electing, is God.

 predestination and election? 

 Predestination and election are both biblical teachings. The English 
"predestination" is translated from the Greek word proorizo which means 1) to 
predetermine, decide beforehand; 2) in the NT, of God decreeing from eternity; 
3) to foreordain, appoint beforehand.1 
https://carm.org/predestination-and-election#footnote1_rzjn9h3  Predestination, 
then, is the biblical teaching that God predestines certain events and people 
to accomplish what He so desires. The word proorizo occurs six times in the New 
Testament, each time demonstrating that God is the one who is foreordaining and 
bringing about certain events:


 There is, however, controversy as to the nature of this predestination... 





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 Well, I thought Yogic Flyers could be the eklektos of our times. Not too 
seriously, though... 



 Some could seriously agree with the prospect though Trouble is the portending 
of holy war with Pompeo and Pence at Trump's left and right hand whispering 
Christian ideologies in to his ear. Jeeezuz! 

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