Good description including the manifest aspect of illuminative transformational 
capacity with others.. 

 “A MYSTIC is neither a necromancer nor a spiritual solipsist, not even a 
theologian, adept in the art of séances, mediums and the like, but the one who 
has a direct experience of the Eternal Being, who has tasted the elixir of 
divine knowledge without making any formal use of his ratiocinative faculties, 
and who, by his sheer grace, can illuminate human minds enmeshed in gross 
ignorance. human form , whose mind and soul remain.. attuned to the Supreme• Self, 
even while he was performing his duties in the terrestrial region.”

 Sutherland writes:
 Thanks for reading about the Elect. Only those who Are members of the Elect 
KNOW they are, yet never know about other’s Election, and Reprobates never know 
they are Reprobates, even to the end of their lives. But the Elect know the 
Calling on their lives, and flounder around looking for the Key to open the 
Door to their heart, and some find it in the Bible, some find it in the Gita, 
while many find the Key, yet never learn how to use it, until they are 
initiated by a Master in to a Spiritual Path. I never ever bought a TM 
Initiation, yet I practiced the Meditation Technique using the TM Mantra for my 
age, as I had the entire list of TM Mantras. Of course, that was not like being 
accepted as a Desciple , but I was accepted by This Master, and was initiated 
by Him. I still meditate 2-3 hours daily, using the Technique, which has opened 
many Windows of Heaven for me , that never opened for me using TM or Christian 
Prayer. This was an Article witten about my Guru shortly after his death. But I 
am quite confident that very few Reprobates will be found among TMers or Sant 
Matters. At last, not those still meditating daily! They can hide in the 
Churches more easily, posing as the Elect.
 Best Regards,

---In, <> wrote :

 Thanks, for contributing this material. That is interesting to look through.   
 Back in the 1980’s this kind of theology was probably more compelling and 
 Since then a switch over in new generations has come along and evidently some 
are gone reprobate with their being way more spiritual than religious. Likewise 
FFL in reflecting spiritual community this old theological argumentation may 
sit fallow not resonating with today’s more commonly found spiritualities. 

 Sometime as you may visit Fairfield I’d have you meet a friend in the area who 
began TM in high school while at a Quaker school out East, then studied in St. 
Louis at an ashram there with  
 [ Swami Satprakashananda (1888-1979), a monk of the Ramakrishna Order and a 
disciple of Swami Brahmananda, founded The Vedanta Society of St. Louis in 
1938. He had the good fortune of seeing Swami Vivekananda in 1901, and later he 
met Sarada Devi and nine direct disciples of Sri Ramakrishna. The swami was a 
great scholar and wrote several books on Vedanta.] 

 ..then this friend was sent out from the ashram there to go ‘return to Jesus’, 
to seminary and thence was a Methodist pastor in churches in Iowa, was ordained 
Greek Orthodox and subsequently became an Elder with the Primitive Baptists at 
a point. He lives nearby Fairfield and comes singing with a harmony group of 
meditators in Fairfield. 
 I see him most every week.

 You would appreciate visiting first hand and talking around the theology of 
the Christian ‘Elect’ and such with him.

 Kind Regards,  

---In, <> wrote :

 Here is the Biblical meaning of Election, written by me, as a Seminary Student 
in 1983 , which is part of my Master’s Degree Thesis. This is my Blog, where I 
have written as either “ Eternal Flame” or “ Marked Elect. “ of course, I have 
added baggage to my Belief System, over the years, since then, but am pretty 
much up to date on my Blog on my last, most current Post giving my view on 
Advaita Vedanta. For Scholars interested in Biblical Election, the back side 
should not be ignored, i.e. Reprobates. Scrolling through the rest of my Thesis 
will compare Members of God’s Elect to God’s Reprobates. My Doctoral Degree 
Theses, earned for my Th.D.,  is also on the Blog, which defines the Tongues 
Miracles and Healings, and Prophecy. This is my first post on this forum, as I 
have been a Voyeur.Best  Regards to All.


 dhamiltony2k5 offers : Election The word "election," or "elect," comes from 
the Greek word eklectos and occurs about 25 times in the New Testament. It 
signifies "to pick out, choose, to pick or choose out for one's self, a 
choosing one out of many."1 The one who does the choosing, the electing, is God.

 predestination and election? 

 Predestination and election are both biblical teachings. The English 
"predestination" is translated from the Greek word proorizo which means 1) to 
predetermine, decide beforehand; 2) in the NT, of God decreeing from eternity; 
3) to foreordain, appoint beforehand.1  Predestination, 
then, is the biblical teaching that God predestines certain events and people 
to accomplish what He so desires. The word proorizo occurs six times in the New 
Testament, each time demonstrating that God is the one who is foreordaining and 
bringing about certain events:


 There is, however, controversy as to the nature of this predestination.... 





---In, <> wrote :

 Well, I thought Yogic Flyers could be the eklektos of our times. Not too 
seriously, though... 



 Some could seriously agree with the prospect though Trouble is the portending 
of holy war with Pompeo and Pence at Trump's left and right hand whispering 
Christian ideologies in to his ear. Jeeezuz! 




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