However, figure that the more evident relationship with climate change is not 
with YF but much more with a voracious larger materialism. A more particular 
relationship is about how the profligate, meditators and non-meditators, live 
their material profligate lives spending lives as such their own time and life 
energy while on earth. Is evidently just so terrible what it is come to..


 "profligate consumers of energy"

 1. adjective:
 recklessly extravagant or wasteful in the use of resources.
 "profligate consumers of energy"
 wasteful, extravagant, spendthrift, improvident, prodigal, immoderate, 
excessive, thriftless, imprudent, reckless, irresponsible

 a licentious, dissolute person.
 libertine, debauchee, degenerate, reprobate, roué, lecher, rake, loose-liver, 
dissolute person;

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 Besides, as advised by FF conversation about this:
 “..YF directs a relationship between the lightbody and akasha activating the 
relationship that we are mostly space, where space is brought to the fore and 
then the body responds. This activation is spontaneously felt as the flying 
experience. This is a nonlinear time-space phenomena sustained in the 
transcendent. This comes in a group more successfully, built in a group where 
this is activated by the larger group like the grace state of the ecstatic 
 But YF is very particular to an experience with it where the sense of 
identification of the body becomes loose. Practicing YF for hours of a lifetime 
does not necessarily make one a more effective person in life, as we have seen 
 Hence, YF is not directly related to the polar vortex of global climate change 
that we see otherwise.” Jai Guru Dev 

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 No, If there were this causal relationship to this particular climate 
phenomena of the Polar Vortex then the Sidhis relationship evidently would be 
inversely related. The numbers of people attending meditation in the Domes is 
incredibly small in present times. 


 AEGTC '76-'77, Switzerland


Cardemaister wonders:

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 Because it's so bloody cold in the US of A now, I wonder if there are lots of 
Yogic Flyers doing the program together  these days?'

 During my flying block around Xmas -78 the temperature in Switzerland might 
have been even about -40 degrees Celsius (and the same in Fahrenheit?). In 
Helsinki Finland it was, I seem to recall, most of the two week's time about 
-30 degrees Celsius.

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