may open up new higher dimensions for TM practitioners.  MMY mentioned only the 
three dimensional body of humans in his commentary to the B. Gita.  But current 
science is now understanding the implications of quantum mechanics and the 
possibilities of the string theory in real life.  That means  that TMers can 
have access to the higher dimensions as well as the higher states of 
consciousness.  With access to the higher dimensions, it is possible for TMers 
to perform bi-location and instantaneous travel in the world through using 
"worm holes", which is possible in quantum string theory.   Even the flying 
sutra siddhi, or levitation can be explained through the string theory. 

 So, there may be some scientific truth to the story of Jesus "walking on 
water", as well as the stories of saints in the Middle Ages levitating to a few 
witnesses.  The yogi Paramahamsa wrote in his book that he witnessed his guru 
perform bilocation.


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