Forwarded from a friend:

"And when the conscious mind hits that level, stirs that level, it's a field of 
all possibilities. Whatever you have ordered, is spontaneously supplied to you. 
You only have to channel your order properly so that it reaches the desk of 

"What you have to do is just simply, is just simply channel the order and let 
it reach the desk of delivery and you have it. This is the modern system of 
demand and supply. You demand - and supply is automatic. They'll deliver to 
your home or wherever you say. 'Twelve a clock send my lunch in that garden 
under the tree there and this and this.’ 

"Wherever you order, but you have to channel the order properly and that's all. 
You go beyond space and time, you go to the Absolute level from where the 
creative process is eternally going on and continuously creating the entire 
field of the ever-growing universe.

"Such a very beautiful knowledge of the mechanisms of performance lies in 
transcending and thereby spontaneously creating a situation that whatever the 
thought, that will get nourished.”


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