You used the term "public domain" which generally refers to copyrights.

Mantras are published in a number of books.  The mantras in the video 
are for the general public.  Those need to be published. There is 
nothing that secret about mantras other than the ones that gurus may use 
for guru mantras.  Even there they may use mantras that have been published.

If your learning has only been from the TMO then it was very sheltered 
and limited.  Maharishi was not an acharya.  He didn't even hold a swami 
title which can be given in many traditions before even becoming an 
acharya.  An archaya can make advanced yogis and acharyas.

Look through your copy of the "Saundarya - Lahari" and see if some of 
those mantras are there.

On 4/30/19 8:16 PM, wrote:
> I didn't say anything about copyright.
> Name this book or books that contain this material.

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