The salacious content aside the abstract of the group could be relevant 

 Some quotes from the article:

 the centralisation of control, a belief system vulnerable to critical scrutiny 
and an attempt to change people in fundamental ways.”

 experts say people attracted to change are vulnerable to manipulative ‘cultish 
group behavior’

 As the case against Raniere unspools, larger questions may emerge, including 
how a group which appears to have begun as relatively benign program linked to 
the personal wellness movement could have developed into a hierarchical 
organisation of interlocking subgroups.. and under the control of a single 

 “There’s nothing wrong with a self-help workshop, but people who are attracted 
to change and being changed are vulnerable to the kind of leader we see in cult 
situations – manipulative, interested in control and highly narcissistic.”

 The existence of a cult around Raniere, Boyle-Laisure said, would not 
necessarily mean that a wellness group like Nxivm, which tapped into modern 
obsessions such as wellness, celebrity, affluence and thinness, was inherently 
 “I don’t believe people joined the group saying ‘I want to look thinner,’” she 
said. “They joined because somebody said they had answers to life questions. In 
the process they became controlled about how to look and behave.
 “That is what is so deceptive about cults. The engagement is not clear at the 
outset, people get sucked in, turn over collateral and then it’s too late to 


 eustace10679 posts:
 'Everything was just lies': how alleged sex cult Nxivm deceived its victims


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 Upstate NY’s ashram communities,  
 including ™’s Livingston Manor, that other TM one at South Fallsburg, NY in 
there too.. 
 The facility at South Fallsburg was bought subsequently from TM by 
Muktananda’s .org?


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 Upstate New York, “..a 'burnt district.'  this references where the religious 
revival is related to reform movements of the period, such as abolition, women's rights, and utopian social experiments, the region is expanded 
to include areas of central New York that were important to these movements. “  

 Others there in history too. The earliest Shaker spiritual practice 
ashram-like communities landed in upstate New York. = Shaker Meditative 

 The Amana Society communalists of The True Inspiration, also silent meditators 
in spiritual transcendentalist practice, went through that upstate NY area too, 
building an ashram-like community outside Syracuse initially before they 
migrated to settle and build in Iowa. 

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 That upstate New York corridor seems to have been a hotbed for this kind of 
breeding. Noyes at Oneida, Joe Smith with the Mormons, and this.  What could 
the astrocartographers say, fertile ground or something in the water?

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 Nxivm former members to break vow of silence by testifying against cult leader

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