There is a monograph written and published in the 19th Century which describes 
and chronicles mysticism of the western tradition in historic spiritual 
practice movements.  Based on writings of different groups and their mystics 
this is an interesting read. You can see there is often a merging between the 
three schools as they get personified in different expressions at different 
times in places.

 We have good living examples of the three schools 
 in the spiritual teachers we have here in Fairfield, Iowa or visiting us.  
Resident in Fairfield, Janet Sussman is a good example of the mystic modalities 
of a Mother Ann, founder of the Shaker ashram-like communities. Connie Huebner 
is a good example of the mystic leaders of the central European Amana Colonies 
people. visiting right now in Fairfield for a few days is David Spero who is a 
good example of the founding mystic of the Quakers, George Fox.

 Read Perkins and Wick as an introduction and overview to these schools in 
western experience going back even to Plato:
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