An experienc of bliss does need a more capable instrument of 

 This is an excerpt from an interview Maharishi gave in 1967

 interviewed in Bremen, Germany


 M-L J: What do you think about girls? Do you think they could change their 
mind and meditate as well as men?

 M M Y: I think ladies meditate comparatively more successfully because the 
quality of heart is more developed in the ladies than in the men, and therefore 
the waves of joy are more aroused, and that's why the joy is felt more. The 
heart is more - a mother's heart is much more, much more wavy - more waves, 
deeper waves rise in mother's heart than in father's heart. An experience of 
bliss does need a more capable instrument of emotion.

 M-L J: And are there more women that are interested in your message than men, 
or ...?

 M M Y: Ladies are interested in radiating more love; men are interested in 
producing more creative things. So in this movement both are equal interest. 
Men and women both have equal interest. And I emphasise family meditation - 
that's one thing I emphasise very much - every member of the family should 

 M-L J: Is it good for couples to meditate; is it good for the marriage?

 M M Y: Even before marriage they should meditate so that they'll never quarrel 
(laughter). It has been seen in thousands of cases all over. There is just no 
quarrel, because then one tolerates the mistake of the other very easily, and 
the tolerance increases and the vision of life increases. When you have a big 
broad vision - all the fighting comes out of the smaller visions, restricted 
visions, narrow visions.

 M-L J: But how could you change your feelings into love?

 M M Y: This is what meditation does; when the heart is hard and the mind is 
narrow then one has to try hard to feel something; one has to try hard to do 
something. And when the heart is softer then your mind is enlarged - expanded 
mind. Then one doesn't have to work so hard to accomplish things and to 
experience things, to feel ... Capacity of feeling and capacity of 
understanding both improve with the expansion of consciousness.

 M-L J: And don't you think that must be boring for the world if there is 
nothing to fight...
 M M Y: No fighting comes out of lack of fulfilment; one is not fulfilled and 
then one finds the life is very critical - wanting to have this, not able to 
have that...So like that the life becomes miserable and when one is made 
miserable with oneself then one fights with things outside. (laugh) Anyone is 
contented in bliss consciousness. The life feels fuller, fuller. And in the 
fullness one could only radiate greater love, greater happiness, all the 

 Jai Guru Dev


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