This piece of news may not be as shocking as you may think.  Specifically, Pope 
Francis has recently stated that religious pluralism is now accepted by the 
Catholic Church, although there is conservative portion of the church who may 
not agree.  IOW, yoga and TM are acceptable practices for Catholics.

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 From a Portuguese article about the habits of the President of Portugal: One 
of the pleasures that may surprise you most is the fact that Marcelo Rebelo de 
Sousa is a practitioner of "yoga and Transcendental Meditation"
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Marcelo. O Presidente da sandes de queijo e da meditação transcendental
O Presidente da República Portuguesa é um ser noctívago. Começa a trabalhar à 
meia-noite, pratica ioga e anda quilómetros todos os dias todos os dias à 
noite. Esteja onde estiver. Rotinas, vícios e manias revelados pelo próprio 
Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, em conversa no site português o Obser...

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