The meditating University community as an academic institution survives now 
with better tone but oh the nature of the separation of the movement with the 
community and oh what squandered goodwill that occurred with the meditating 
community here! The coherence creating world peace program could use a communal 
mediation towards the renewal of the Domes, superradiance and the larger TM 

 Engaging Restorative Justice in Reclamation of Community!topic/communal-studies-forum/AM9bhYe1dXI!topic/communal-studies-forum/AM9bhYe1dXI


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 In the low Dome attendance numbers now..

 “Where have all the meditators gone, long time passing, where have all the 
meditators gone long time ago?”   


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 Nice reminisce meeting, of the scope of what we did there at Amherst and here 
in Fairfield. The meeting as hosted did not engage with the low Dome attendance 
numbers as they are now, the loss of communal critical mass.  Surprising how 
many meditators in town, veterans of Amherst, did not even hear of this 
How disassociated from the movement so many have become.

 Dick Mays Shares:
 Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Amherst Course in Dalby Hall at 2:00 today!

 See old friends and share memories!



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 The 40th Anniversary of the Amherst course, 

 The Creating Coherence Program.  

The 40th Anniversary of
Maharishi Founding the
National Super Radiance Program
At Amherst, Massachusetts
August 1979
That Changed the History of the United States


 In Fairfield, Dalby Hall – 2 pm – Sunday August 18

Everyone who was there that day
is invited to submit their memories to 
share with all, and be recorded for all time.

Governors, Teachers, Sidhas, and Mediators Invited
Dome Badge Not Required
 Please E-mail your memories – including good photos to:




 Come celebrate these anniversaries:

-the 40th Anniversary of Our National Coherence Creating Community

 -the 13th Anniversary of the Invincible America Assembly (IAA)

 The Invincible America Assembly began on July 23, 2006, when Maharishi and Dr. 
John Hagelin saw a keen and obvious need to stop a war that had suddenly and 
unexpectedly broken out in Lebanon. Upon their timely call, hundreds of TM 
Governors, Sidhas, and Meditators poured into Fairfield and Maharishi Vedic 
City for Group Practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi progams. 
 Within a few weeks, the war in Lebanon vanished. And on the day the IAA began, 
July 23, the long-term decline of the American stock market stopped, and began 
a 10-month climb that hit 12 all-time highs.
 “There is nothing more important to our global Movement than the Invincible 
America Assembly,” said Maharishi. Come and celebrate “the most powerful method 
of transforming society that exists -- or ever will exist” 
 This Tuesday, July 23, 2019 after group program..


 The party will include savories, snacks, and live entertainment. It will be 
held between the Women’s Golden Dome and the Golden Dome Market, between 6:15 
PM and 9 PM on MUM Campus. Maharishi defined the IAA as all those who are 
attending Group Practice morning and evening. 
 Everybody’s Whole Foods will be providing their incredible layout of treats 
and snacks to support the IAA, along with any sweets and savories you would 
like to provide as well. 

Also available will be a delicious dinner menu prepared by Nayna Dave of India, 
who has decades of success in delighting many with her refined and delicious 
traditional cooking. Nayna, currently evening chef at the Golden Dome Market, 
will be offering roasted saffron rice, mixed curried vegetables, and yogurt 
dumplings, at $9.49/pound.

You are also welcome to bring your own dinner.

Music will be provided by Geoffrey Shaffer,  IAA veteran and multi-decade 
composer and keyboardist.  Geoffrey's music aims for the beautiful and provides 
a melodic touch and phrasing that is felt by the heart.  Flavors of light 
classical, melodic New Age, and contemporary are included along with original 
compositions all encouraging the experience of blissful listening. For our 
anniversary, he also promises to offer several crowd favorites including 
special keyboard stylings of many of the Beatles best and most beautiful 


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