I thanks U for forwarding this to us. GREAT news we must continue to meditate & 
do the sidhas as well, to secure this. 
See, Steven Greer's MD,.    Disclosure Project Project Executive Sumary  
www.DisclousureProject.org      a web cite

One of my interests second to TM & its KNOWLEDGE, in all areas! again THANKS Mr 
Dick Mays.This interest is with our countries relationships with various aliens 
who have visited us for hundreds of thousands of years & even perhaps terra 
forming earth.
We that is our secret governments have wonderful technology willingly shared 
for the most part by there friendly folks.  We have  back engineered & built 
UFO;s  or crafts & used them to travels to the moon & even mars! This is mostly 
un known to our general public, to my regret or our regret! Technology to clean 
up our mess in our oceans , lands & get us off fossil fuels & nuclear  wastes, 
etc. & use the Tesla energy systems he was working on, perhaps with there aid?? 
? Also, this I see as a military person the bringing our troops home & 
addressing as never before our foreign relations to be less militarily 
confrontational & brining democracy to those NOT ready for it.

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Forwarded from a friend:
A friend of mine on MD sent me this:
Maharishi Jyotish prediction that from mid-2020 to 2021 there will be unheard 
of elements of peace and a total transformation of the concept of society. 
There will be a totally new relationship with the environment, as well as 
between countries, and with the economy showing new principles, as Maharishi 
has been telling us for years. It is going to be very evident that we are 
heading to a new time. September of next year, 2020, especially will be one of 
the unique landmarks of Raam Raj. 
Jai Guru Dev

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