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 It may not only have consciousness in it, but as Maharishi said, be nothing 
but consciousness, self-interacting.
 Rick Archer
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 Nice hearing from you again!  Is it time for the old members to come back 
according to the jyotish chart of this site?  Regarding your comment,  I agree 
with you in part.  But I would add that it is like a machine with consciousness 
in it.  I got this idea from a Stanford professor who presented a lecture 
stating that galaxies can emerge in any parts of the multiverse, implying that 
a witness is needed to materialize the event.  He implied that the witness 
could be any of  the Olympus gods.  Or in Vedic terms, the witness could be any 
of the devas or prajapatis, who are discussed in the Srimad Bhagavatam.


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 I think the universe is an evolution machine, starting out as hydrogen and 
evolving more and more complex forms which can more fully embody the 
Intelligence from which the universe arose.


 Rick Archer
 Buddha at the Gas Pump
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 A scientist says NO.  Is that logical?  One can say it creates worlds 
eternally.  These worlds may or may not have human beings in them.  Isn't that 
a purpose?  What do you think?



 Based on the current discoveries in physics, this same conscious is the factor 
that makes matter in the universe.  As such, it is possible over time that 
matter can evolved into a conscious being, such as a human being.  So, it is 
possible that the exoplanets can have conscious beings living there.  But, 
given our current technology, it would be impossible to prove this theory to be 


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