No, no Sal. That's why Mahesh and crew don't need to donate at such a gross level, they believe this. Judy's not sure what she believes. Or so her posts indicate.

On Dec 23, 2005, at 8:36 PM, Sal Sunshine wrote:

On Dec 23, 2005, at 7:04 PM, authfriend wrote:

 > OK, Judy, so you don't believe what you stated below, you're simply 

 > "reporting what some else has said" even though you state that it 

 > "seems as good an explanation as any" (Which begs the question,

 > what other explanations for natural disasters have you read--I 

 > mean, other than DC Comics?)

 Sal, I am absolutely positive that you are not as

 completely brainless as you are making yourself 

 sound here, but I'm durned if I know *why* you'd

 want to make yourself sound brainless.

Alright, Judy, I'll try one more time to make some sense of what you are trying to say.  You don't believe natural disasters are caused by "stress" in the environment,  or that meditation can affect natural disasters, except that it seems as good an explanation as any.  What "any" others are, you don't say.  You don't believe it, but you don't rule it out either. And, as far as stating things that yo do or don't believe, I could have sworn it was you who said, a while back, "I don't tend to say things I don't believe."

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