Quoting Atmore: “The idea of “schismogenesis” was first identified by Gregory 
Bateson to describe the ways in which relationship between individual or groups 
deteriorate. Schismogenesis occurs in several different ways: factional 
schismogenesis , in which a group splinters into two or more distinct group; 
apostatizing schismogenesis, in which an individual separates from the group; 
symmetrical schismogenesis, in which individuals from the group compete 
directly with each other, the severity of competition increasing equally on 
each side; and complementary schismogenesis, in which a rift forms between 
unequal partners playing the roles of dominant and submissive. 

 Bateson treats the events involved in schismogenesis as openly recognized by 
both parties. However, in my study of Fairfield, it became apparent that 
schisms are not always overt and recognized by those involved in them. In some 
cases, schism occur without the knowledge of one or more parties, which I will 
refer to as a covert schism or overt schismogenesis. This can often lead to 
overt schismogenesis (Batesons’ openly recognized schism) once the schism has 
progressed to a certain point. However, this does not mean schismogenesis is 
not occurring until it has become overt; there are still social rifts forming 
during the covert phase. This necessitates a slight redefinition of 
schismogenesis, in which the term encompasses all situations in which rifts 
form between people, whether overt, covert, or in a processual relationship 
from covert to overt.”
  -excerpted from: Communal Societies, Journal of the Communal Studies 
Association, Lane Atmore, Death of a Guru: An Analysis of the Postcharismatic 
Phase in the Transcendental Meditation Movement.

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