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Rick proposing:
"I’ve love to see a public announcement like the following from the Department 
of the Development of Consciousness (the people who give out the badges):

Dear Fairfield Sidhas and Governors,

First, we would like to publicly apologize for ever having excluded from the 
domes anyone who wanted to practice Maharishi’s program there. We would like to 
welcome everyone back on the condition that if you are in the dome, you promise 
to practice what you have learned from Maharishi – no more, no less. In turn, 
we promise to never again judge or exclude anyone for what they may choose to 
do with their private life. We possess neither the wisdom nor the right to do 
this. Let us all come together again in a spirit of love and acceptance, and 
begin once more to radiate the harmony and coherence for which the domes were 

Jai Guru Dev,

The Department of the Development of Consciousness

......numbers flying in the domes would double overnight."

/  From FFL post 6, before Rick's reply:
 I think it is an exciting thing that they opened up the doors
for meetings on campus. Is there a thawing? Or is this just
expedience? It has been getting pretty small and cold up there. So
it was noteworthy what you sent
out. I missed the call to meeting initially but I would have gone if
I had known. I do
not really expect anymore that anything is open to the community up
We live here and we do our programs but we are sort of out of
the loop, being "no-badge-niks".
Some of what the movement is doing I am not necessarily
interested in. But as an old-time meditator I am here and I am

Though the movement might not believe it, I am probably more
and fundamental than they would rate me. As someone posted in an e-
mail to me recently, "Hope all is well in the lovely peaceful land of
Iowa. I hear we are all invited back to the domes again? Silly fools
to have chased us all away in the first place. Oh well."

I wrote this piece below recently this summer hoping to get
it published in the Weekly Reader back when they were publishing
things about the community. I thought you might enjoy it.
Best Regards, 

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