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[snippage here]
> This is NOT an invitation to argue. I'm just stepping
> in to state an alternative point of view; if you feel
> the need to argue with someone, it'll have to be some-
> one else.  Now, that caveat out of the way:
> It seems to me that another explanation, one that to
> me seems closer to the facts as I perceive them, is
> that Maharishi is just a tired old man who is stuck
> in a rut and couldn't change if he wanted to.  As 
> you say, he started by talking about world peace,
> and IMO may have actually believed that the tech-
> niques he invented could help to achieve it.  *At
> the time.*  My perception is that he stopped 
> believing that decades ago, but just can't stop
> saying the same olde shit.  For one thing, he's
> gotten the blurb down so pat he could do it in his
> sleep; actually doing something new would be more
> of an effort.  For another thing, people keep giving
> him money as long as he keeps telling them the lies
> they want to hear about world peace and their part 
> in creating it.
> But do I believe that *he* actually believes that
> either TM or the TM-siddhis or the never-appearing
> pundits would have a ghost of a chance of having 
> the slightest effect on world peace?  Not for a 
> minute.  
> If he *did* really believe the stuff he says, he
> has had innumerable opportunities in the past few
> years to put those beliefs to the test.  He has 
> allowed every such opportunity to pass, in my 
> opinion because he *never* wants these theories
> put to the test during his lifetime.  Because he
> no longer believes they are true, and because he
> doesn't have the strength of character to admit 
> that to the people he's misled for all these years.

This is well thought out. Thanks. The original theory, that 'as the 
individual achieves more peace more peace becomes part of the family 
and this spreads' is probably as close to the "Purity of the 
Teaching" and anything resembling a "Holy Tradition" [i.e. common 
sense] associated with anything Mahesh did. 

The theory makes sense, of course. The fact that TM itself doesn't 
actually bring enough peace to an individual to have 
detectable "peaceful" effectiveness is the flaw. Yes, it gives some 
relief, some rest and if you do your "studies" with TM beginners, it 
appears you're on to something. But the peace doesn't come to 
anything. Thus no amount of trying to get more people to start (for 
which the $idhi fraud gets some extremely minor credit) accomplished 
anything but enriching Mahesh.

After he declared his mission a failure and then gained fame on the 
backs of the Beatles who found his attempts to rip them off 
transparent, the Holy Tradition became all about making himself rich.

He was one hell of a lot better at ripping people off than he was at 
accomplishing anything else, so he made the best of the lemon he was.

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