This was posted on the Amma chat. I found it kind of sweet and thought some
here might enjoy it.

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I live in the Bible belt and have not encountered any problems explaining
Amma. Also, my mother in law is a strict Cathloic and she wanted to go with
me to 
attend a darshan and it was beautiful.
Here is what I say to friends, family and patients at work.

I explain that Amma is a very advanced spiritual person. That I do not want
them to think I am being blastmous (spell??) that when I go and see Amma the
Bible comes to life for me. That I see all of Jesus's words and life in
I say this with a lot of love in my heart. I explain that she offers free
medical service and builds homes for widows, etc etc, and this inspires me
to be 
more Christ like in my giving and serviing others.

I explain that one of the ways she helps others is that she hugs them and
calls everyone her children. I let them know that I have personally
witnessed her 
sit for more than 9 hours hugging people with the same smile and love and
care. That you can ask her questions and ask for a personal prayer from her.
when you are hugged by her you can feel Divine Christ Love around her and
smell sweet rose smells. I stay very simple and sweet when speaking of her
with a lot of love in my heart.

I explain that being in her presence and seeing a woman giving such love and
care to people in the world without asking for a dime helps me as a woman
relate better to walking a spiritual path. That I love Jesus but for some
watching another woman walk a path of Divine Love and Compassion and do
everything that Jesus did has helped me.

That Love & Compassion is so important to me that I dont care that I dont
understand all the beautiful devotional music being sung and I dont care if
is showing her love through the Hindu path. So, each year, I go and spend
spiritual retreat with her and I pray and meditate and cry and bring all my
problems to her to help me understand and heal and become a better person.
So I can 
return and love/serve people more.

I usually do not go into the unbelievable profound spiritual experiences I
have had with her which are beyond words. Or talk about my entire life
transforming since meeting her. I stay very light and simple with truth as I

I have always experienced a very positive response when I speak of her
explaining from my heart meeting people at where they are at instead of
where I am 

I prayed for Amma to give me the words because I am here to serve not to be
crucified. She has never let me down in guiding me with what to say to

I Loves Service

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