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> > > >   Maharishi was a target of the CIA 
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> > This is utter, unproven crap.
> Not to mention being a fantasy based in self importance,
> both for the person who thought it up (Maharishi) and
> the ones who perpetuate it (TMers who desperately want
> to cling to the idea that their lives were important
> enough to be persecuted).
> > There is ZERO evidence -- and never has been -- that the 
> > TMO or MMY is or ever was the "target" of the CIA.
> Paranoids don't need evidence.  In fact, the less hard
> evidence there is, the more it's a sign that the 
> persecutors are doing a really good job.  :-)
> > Of course, claiming that one is the target of the CIA is 
> > always a convenient scapegoat for one's own failings.
> > 
> > But I can't help getting a bitter taste in my mouth whenever 
> > an individual or organisation is accused of illegal shenanigans 
> > -- as the CIA has with the TMO -- without evidence or proof.  
> > I find such declarations reprehensible.
> It's not *about* the CIA.  It's about eltitists' innate
> need to feel important.  The TM organization panders to
> elitism.  It tells its members that they're so important
> that when they meditate they clear "stress" from the
> atmosphere and that when they bounce on their butts they
> create world peace.  It tells them that their belief
> systems are better than anyone else's in the world.  And
> to put the cherry on top of the self-importance cake, it
> tells people that they are SO important that the CIA and
> other evil forces are trying to persecute the founder of
> this So Very Special And Important Tradition, and thus
> are indirectly trying to persecute *them*, the really
> important ones, the ones who make it all happen with
> their cash.
> It's so common in religious and spiritual traditions that
> the mind boggles that people still believe this crap. 
> But people still believe this crap, because they're more
> desperate to be "important" than they are to be rational.

The belief that we change the world by medidating appears to come 
from the genesis of the TMO through Brahmananda Saraswati-Guru Dev 
who was Shiva manifest here on earth. All of the effects en masse 
TMers are supposed to have on the world can be traced to effects 
Shiva has on the world. So this transmission came from Shiva, 
through Guru Dev, to Maharishi and then reflected in the TMO. It is 
an accurate transmission, that then gets muddied up in the muddy 
awareness of the TMO. All of the TMO rides on the power of Guru 
Dev's coatails.

Every spiritual movement has its inspiration, its dedication, its 
transformation, and its transcendence. The TMO appears to be at its 
point of trasformation, a stage that many movements don't get 
through, because it calls for many of its adherents to awaken.

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