The Meditating Community and the TMO, Fairfieldlife.

Fairfield Life, Indexing the Story Here at:

The FFL list can be read off the internet from its homepage, without 
having to be a member. Go to the home page, start there by clicking 
on 'messages'.

>From there you can insert these numbers into the message # search 
box.  That will take you to the area of the archive of these threads.

Often I point newcomers, recent arrivals or outsiders to FFL through 
this list.  Below is a quick index.  Scroll down through this index 
and survey the range of subject threads.

  This index includes many various summary posts in the archive like:


-the petition contained in post # 3811 (The Meditating Rift Here)

-The TMO, partitioning the Meditating Community thread, # 3478

-Meditating Classical Concert Pianist Banned from MUM thread #3113 
(late Nov, Dec '02)

-Meditating Irish Musician Banned from MUM # 2963

-Meditators Banned from MUM  # 4219 , 4402

-Is Everyone Welcome?  953

-The difference between a shooting star and a falling one: # 2960

The Meditating Community Mexican Stand-off:

-The one hundred millionaires thread # 985  or 949

-Some resolution #726 and thread

-Heavenly Mountain  # 935

-Legal remedy and threads # 3965

-The meditating community-wide survey # 3896 thread

Also look in the "files" section of FFL.  The actual survey is 
archived there.  The seeds of the present where present then in 
1994~  It is a very interesting reading.  

-Fairfield and the TMO, the dwindle  # 4724

-The Iowa Meditating Landscape, Trickle-down Depopulation 4503 , 
4502 , 13564

-The Kaplans and their money threads, # 3040 or # 3420 

The recurring million dollar questions spread throughout the archive:

-Fiscal Soundness summary, 5958

-Financial disclosure thread, 5012, 5026

The Real Estate Guru, D Magazine, 10938

Estimating the Assets:

Hartford Advocate, Maharishi's Hotel of Emptiness:

TMO purchases NYC Wall Street building

-Endowing, process and The Meditating Community  637

-The Kaplan Lawsuit


-Lawsuit Against the Kaplans

(More on the Kaplans & Heavenly Mountain in sequence below)

-The TMO and the CIA thread 5752

-Threats in the fair field, 5057  and 5063 , 30276

-What is the hook here, what is the story here thread, # 4813   # 

-The Sex Summaries I-IV, 6154 through 6157 and and also posts during 
late December 2002 and post # 7663, 

- Sexy-Sadie.txt, A compilation of posts about MMY's other guru 
life.  In the "files" section of FFL:
  You might have to sign in to read the 'files' section of the FFL 

-Summarized Topic Articles Titled:, 4813

-Guru Dev's Discourse: Gyan & Bhakti  7883 and 7884

-TM Scandals a Logical Sequence, 7430, Insights to TMO in India, 7504

-J.Krishnamurti, 1929 Speech Dissolving his organization, post 7513

-Search for Global Queen, 7664

-Just go, don't enter in to the politics, Karunamayi,  7849

-Tax-exempt Status Lost, 7793

-TM&Sedona, 7510

- Walking the dog, where to go to learn meditation outside the cult:

-MMY's comments about other techniques, links:

-The Diaspora, The Informal-TMO, 8176

-Bevan, MUM Presidential Frolic'ng ,  8220

About Cult in the TMO culture..  10346
Cult test:

Of Contracts, vows and loyalty testing thread… 10307,  10319

-Funding the Pundits thread,  12679,  13565, 16026 Rudra's Letter:

Also  MMY's Family Money :

Zimmerman money:

TMO 'investment' properties in India

Spiritual Accounting:

-TMO announcement concerning the "End of the World"

- 12801  Dealing with scandal, Killing the Buddha thread. 

- charges of Impropriety thread

-Spiritual Accounting, 'Reputational Capital':

-Fairfield life, prognosis Fall '03,  13043

-  13610  Raising Kids in the TMO thread.

-Murder on Campus, the thread unravels starting from:
(good insight in to the sociology of the FF meditating community, 
skim the successive posts for about two weeks after this initial 
post.) March 2004
-Statistics:Unreported crime in culture.

- TMO Cult of Vastu & FF:

-Skimming Tuitions, Muhurt

-An MUM student's observations from inside:

Insights to the Fairfield utopian experiment:

1) Summary Review, The Super-Radiance Theory, the "N-squared effect" 
of group meditations:

2) MMY commencement charge to MUM grads:

3) TM & "Meissner" Effect:

4) FF super-radiance, some history:

Rigor, credibility of TMO research:
also a long discussion several days before and after 1 Nov. 2005:
see home page table of message history, click on 1 Nov 2005 & 
navigate using the `previous' and `next' buttons.

Heavenly Mountain Disputed more:

Published Article:

e-letter from David Kaplan:

Kaplans tell Purusha & Mother Divine to vacate Heavenly Mt.

Judge dismisses cases against Kaplans in Heavenly Mt. rift

Articles on Heavenly Mt. rift, June '04:

Kaplans revisited, thread:

Earl Kaplan's Letter 4.16.04


More meditators banned:

At MUM, Leave none un-fleeced:

Pundit Update, May 04:

Guidestar: Non-profit indexing to IRS filings:

Heavy Fundraising Announcement, June-04:

TMO buys NYC building:

Replies to TMO fund-raisings & NYC building acquisition:

28864  29116  29213

Belief & Disillusionment:

Hegelin defending the bannings, the fundraising and status quo

Kirkpatrick defending the status quo:
True-believing in method:

Quelling Meeting with Hagelin:

Notes & replies on the meeting:

Hagelin & the Factor of Meditating Community Trust Lost:

Hagelin: TMO Fundraising Income tied to bank loans for more money:


Outline 6-04: restructuring the movement distilled,

Hagelin defending the bannings in FF public meeting.

TMO Business practice in method, examples: 
Money sent abroad on MSAE:

Stiffing swimming pool contractors, solicited co-signatures & hotel 


The Culture of Tactic:

i.e., More suitcases of cash:

Pundit money co-mingled and sent abroad:

Appreciated Avon Lake Property Sold:

The Earl Kaplan Letter 4.16.04  Text:

The Donor Diaspora,

M. Vedic City reviewed, NH Union Leader article:

Local Politics:

Public Funding for things 'Vedic':

Evangelical Christians and Meditators, Evangelizing FF:

Heavy Metals in AV Indian Herbs, Forbes Article Discussion:

Pundit Update thread, 12.29.2004  # 39211  

Camelot, Oklahoma Peace Palace article 10.2005:

TMO cashes out Florida Vedaland  5.2005:


Guardian Article, MMY pulls out of England:

Skelmersdale Article 8.2005, TMOrg meditators split:

Fairfield longtime meditators:

Peace at a Price, Oregon article:

Directory of Active Spiritual Practice Groups in Fairfield: Directory  (threads)

Teaching TM in Peace Palaces 2005 :

Trademark and Indi-teaching of TM, 
St. Louis Sentencing program:

TMO editing PR (NYTimes article):

Threads in Delusion of Self-importance:

Threads of self-importance, money & management:

Blackstone Hotel sold:
Peace Palaces in Pittsburgh:

These posts scratch the surface.

The four-plus year archive here does tell a story.

You will find the story when you prowl around.

It becomes apparent. 

Jai Guru Dev, -Doug

Continuing on about the culture of the FFL list:

--- In, "Mike Doughney" 
> wrote:
> > --- In, "dhamiltony2k1 wrote:
> > > for a little perspective, how would you tell an outsider
> > > what the story is here?

Mike and also "L_B_Shriver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 

> Like all online forums focused on the (TMOrg) movement and its
> programs that I'm aware of, discussion migrates into what I'd 
call "in the head" things - talk of experiences and the 
movement's explanations/dogmas regarding those experiences. 
All of this is just meaningless noise to the outside observer, who 
will just tune out unless they're acclimated to the fact that these 
discussions are just like that, and to get any information about 
the "story" they're going to have to dig for a considerable amount 
of time to find something interesting and understandable in all 
the noise.

L B:I agree about the digging, although there are nuggets of pure 
gold in this chat from time to time.

> I'd also say that this phenomenon is by design, that any 
discussion of actual quality of life issues gets dwarfed by all this 
one-upsmanship centered on experiences and interpretation 
thereof. It's a learned habit, showing what people are really 
attached to, and that attachment seems to be something distinct 
from concrete quality of life issues, and it's learned from the 
movement because the movement tends to be like that. But to an
> outsider it makes no sense at all.

Rick Archer writes:
Major media have done balanced stories on other spiritual movements. 
Someone posted a link here to a New Yorker story on Muktananda's 
movement which covered the money, sex, and internal politics issues 
quite thoroughly. The Times of India and other media have covered 
Sai Baba story extensively. If these things are done right, they're 
of interest to a wide readership.

What do we have here?

Sex: numerous personal secretaries and maybe some of the women would 
be happy to talk to reporters.

Money: this would take some serious sleuth work by an outfit larger 
than the Fairfield Ledger – preferably one with correspondents in 
India. Does M's family own mansions and Rolls Royce's? Let's see 
photos. What does the movement have to show for the millions it has 

Politics: the banning issues here in Fairfield.

All three of these angles have at their root the issue of honesty 
integrity. How wide is the gulf between the public façade and the 
actual reality? In a truly healthy movement, there would be no gulf.

> Major media have done balanced stories on other spiritual 

L B: I agree that there are people out there capable of doing it 
but I was thinking more in terms of the mainstream media 
outlets in the regional markets.  (Local)KTVO, WHO, KGAN, KCRG. 
These guys never go for depth, in my experience. The Des 
Moines Register is capable of getting it right sometimes, but 
often settles for the cheap shot. So the story will not be well told 
until it falls into the hands of a really good story teller.

--- In, "dhamiltony2k1 

> for a little perspective, how would you tell an outsider 
> what the story is here?
> Certainly a large part of the story here is that there is a 
> of people who have pursued a spiritual practice for over 20 and 30 
> years, a meditating-community. The story also includes that there 
> have become some spiritually very powerful people in their own 
> experience here, from this life of focused pursuit. Some of the 
> of subject thread of this list indicates this aspect of what is 
> on here. 
> We have some lit people here. This is part of the story 
> along with the meditator bannings, the sx, the fund-raisings, the 
> projects, the TMO and the Kaplans' lost money, money appropriated 

>That there is 
> spiritual experience here is what keeps people here while there is 
> also conflict here now. 
> That there are lit people here quietly pursuing their 'sadhana' on 
their own or in other small groups now is partly why things are 
> changing within the meditating community of FF.  For instance, 
this is also what 
> draws the repeating flow of saints, sadus & pundits through here 
> these last few years. The 'Shakti' of a few thousand meditators 
who have pursued their meditation practice now for 20, 30 and 40 
years here is something to 
> behold and there is word out about it in the larger spiritual 

>This also is manifestly a part of 
> Fairfieldlife and is partly why people are so earnest, apart from 
parts of the campus and its TMO cult mood-
> making. Yes, 'Jai Guru Dev', and with gratitude to Maharishi; 
> however, in looking, there is a story of change here going on now. 
> It is a fascinating story for what it is.
> Jai Guru Dev, -Doug

> Fairfieldlife, what is the story here?
> I get e-mail sent to me on the side. For instance, this was sent 
> me on the side:
> <Paste>
> <I've actually been on the FairfieldLife list myself for about a 
> month --
> I… didn't feel like I was as in touch as I wanted to be with what 
> going on in the community. I've been following the recent 
> about people being banned from campus for seeing Ammachi with some 
> interest and trying to figure out if there was a 
> story to write about it.
> <I would like to look into this more. I'm curious as to what you 
> the 
> main "hook" as. Are the incidents with Suzanne Niedermeyer and Tim
> Britton the big things right now? Or is it the declining number of
> people in the domes? Or is it, just overall, the rift between 
> and 
> the meditating community as a whole?
> <I guess another question I have is, is there a rift with people 
> pretty
> much on one side or the other, or are there a lot of people who 
> offend anyone and don't care? And how many people would you guess 
> siding with the university admin. as opposed to being ostracized 
> it?
> <Would you be interested in meeting to talk sometime, or is e-mail 
> better
> for you? Let me know. I'd also be looking for other folks to talk 
> to.
> I can get some names off the Yahoo group, but anyone you can steer 
> to
> in particular would be better.
> <end paste> >>
> For some time now I have been inviting outsiders to this 
> list. Since about Thanksgiving, I have been going to the major 
> media, radio and cable editors inviting their writers to look in 
> the story here. I have persistently gone through at least all of 
> major print media once or twice going to their web pages ferreting 
> out 
> their editors and inviting them with a cover letter about the 
> here. To academia also.
> Some one a little while ago on the list here cautioned that we 
> should be careful what we are saying here , that "the Des Moines 
> Register or the AP" might pick it up. Well, actually they are here 
> too in all likelihood. There is more than just "us" here lurking.
> So for a little perspective, how would you tell an outsider 
> what the story is here?
> There is at least an anthropology PhD. thesis here, but there is 
> a story here. How would you break it down for an outsider to see? 
> What is the hook here?
> Jai Guru Dev, -Doug

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