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> >>> Different cultures define "caring" in different ways. The TMO's
> >>> founder is Hindu, and charity work isn't always the top of the 
> >>> for Hindus, I guess due to the reincarnation/karma thing.
> >> 
> >> Amma's a Hindu, and it's at the top of her list. Karunamayi is a
> > Hindu. She
> >> too sets up hospitals, schools, etc. Gandhi was a Hindu. The 
> > goes on.
> >> 
> > 
> > When you've got the answer to all of life's problems (i.e. TM), 
> > waste your precious time setting up hospitals and stuff like 
> So somebody's house has just been washed away by the tsunami, half 
> family is dead, they're hungry, and their village is on the verge 
of a
> cholera outbreak, we, in our compassion, should come to them and 
say "Here,
> let me teach you how to meditate."

No, people like you who follow spiritual leaders like Amma who are 
into charity work should go and help the tsunami victims.

Those that claim to have a technique to easy and effectively unfold 
full consciousness shouldn't waste their time with such activities.

As the Gerard Depardieu character says to the Andy McDowell 
character -- who is so intent upon helping the poor -- in "Green 
Card":  "If it amuses you, then do it".

> Probably you'll say that someone should
> tend to their physical needs,


> but it needn't be the TM teachers, because
> they alone can teach TM.

Well, they're not doing much of it these days, are they?

> They alone can water the root; others can tend to
> the leaves. In keeping with that philosophy, the TMO in India, 
which brings
> more money into the country than any other "non-profit" there, 
didn't lift a
> finger to help tsunami victims, while Amma plunged in from day one 
and has
> now built thousands of homes, adopted orphans, served countless 
> bought new boats for fisherman, etc.

...if that is what she and you want to do, then more power to you: 
enjoy your chosen activity in the relative field.

But you'll do it more effectively and efficiently if you unfold more 
of your pure consciousness.  So while you and Amma and tending to 
the sick and needy on the streets of Sri Lanka, take 20 minutes 
twice a day to do TM.

> Many local villagers were traumatized
> and unmotivated after the tsunami, but when they saw all Amma's 
> devotees rebuilding their homes, they began to pitch in. Now it's a
> collective effort involving thousands, and is contributing more 
than any
> other to the reconstruction.

...and if it makes her and you happy, then I'm happy for you.

But those that claim to have this program to easily and effectively 
contact pure consciousness should devote all their energies to that, 
not amusing themselves with racking up brownie points to get into 
heaven or avoid some sort of karmic retribution for not doing 
anything to help (as you indicated in a previous post).

> I would argue that the spiritual contribution
> is even more significant than the physical one.

...yeah, that's what I'm trying to get across to you: those that can 
contribute maximally on the spiritual side -- TM teachers, etc. -- 
have a much more significant work to do than amusing themselves with 
dealing with mere physical things such as tsunami relief.

> The demonstration of
> spirituality in action has inspired the people and given them hope.

I'm glad you're amused...

> I hope Maharishi's nephews are enjoying their mansions.

As regards the nepehews, well, now you're on to a different topic 
and if you want me to agree with you on how foolish it is for the 
leader of an organisation that has international -- nay, universal --
 aspirations for his teachings to appoint blood relatives to 
positions of administrative and financial importance, well, you're 
preaching to the converted.

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