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> > >>> Different cultures define "caring" in different ways. The 
> > >>> founder is Hindu, and charity work isn't always the top of 
> list
> > >>> for Hindus, I guess due to the reincarnation/karma thing.
> > >> 
> > >> Amma's a Hindu, and it's at the top of her list. Karunamayi is 
> > > Hindu. She
> > >> too sets up hospitals, schools, etc. Gandhi was a Hindu. The 
> list
> > > goes on.
> > > 
> > > But before Amma the best known humanitarian in India was Mother
> > > Theresa, a christian.  There are exceptions, but I think the
> > > reincarnation - karma - caste - you deserve your suffering type 
> of
> > > thinking is rather deeply ingrained there.
> > 
> > Could be, but as Amma puts it, it may be your karma to suffer but 
> it's my
> > karma to help you. If karma is understood properly, one acts
> > compassionately,
> ...which is exactly what the Dalai Llama says...
> But what is supposed to set TM apart is the fact that this wise man 
> pointed out that compassion, love, intelligence -- whatever quality 
> of heart and mind one may be talking about -- is dependent upon 
> one's state of consciousness.
> What better karma than to unfold the full potential of the basis of 
> one's compassion...cause without it, compassion is worthless.  Road 
> to hell and all that...

Not a road to hell,necessarily, but not necessarily getting you 
enlightened. Good works alone do not lead you to the Kingdom of 
Heaven, and MMY NEVER said don't bother doing good works. In fact, he 
encourages people to behave in accord with the religion learned at 
their mother's knee. FOr those who don't have a religion, this would 
obviously mean to follow the ethical/moral guidelines and practices 
of the culture at large, even if you don't believe in the divine 
source inspiration for those guidelines.

And TM CAN lead to more religiously observant behavior. One of the 
things noted in Senegal was that many inmates who learned TM started 
to participate in the daily prayers of the Moslem Faith even though 
they avoided participation before learning. In a 90% Moslem country, 
avoiding the prayer times is a great way to ostracize yourself, so 
participating was, to me, a sign of becoming more sociable.

> > if for no other reason than you realize that otherwise,
> > it'll be you in the gutter next time around.
> ...in other words, a selfish motivation...I'm going to church to 
> cover my ass so that if there IS a heaven, I've got a better chance 
> of getting there.
> Better to pay true tribute to your selfishness and fulfill your 
> desires instead of trying to manipulate the laws of karma for your 
> selfish desires...

But MMY says to follow the relgion, etc. And its an accepted social 
practice in Judeo-Christian countries to do good works, period.

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