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> > > You know what I find fascinating? The people on 
> > > these forums who most vociferously defend the current 
> > > prices that the TMO charges for TM would in most 
> > > cases *not* be able to afford it themselves if they 
> > > hadn't already learned it years ago. But they think 
> > > it's Ok to charge the "newbies" that much. Go figure.
> > 
> > Not only can't they afford TM, or most likely anything else now
> > being sold by the TMO (sidhis, panchakarma, yagyas, s-ved houses,
> > millionaire courses) but many of them would be kicked out of the 
> > if they tried to be active. I assume Brigante's already been 
> > and many other TBs here have expressed opinions or admitted to 
> > interests or discussed mental-emotional problems all of which 
> > get them in deep hot water if they were actually in the mov't 
> > to be a devoted disciple of MMY like they think they are.  I find
> > this really strange.
> You seem to be talking about a lot of people, but I
> can think of only two on FFL that defend the current
> prices at all, let alone vociferously; and only one
> of them, I think, would consider himself a "devoted
> disciple" of MMY--and he hasn't "admitted to other
> interests or discussed mental-emotional problems."
> (However, he is sharply critical of the TMO.)
> Plus which, if a person "admits to other interests"
> that would get him or her in hot water with the TMO,
> how could that person be called a TB?
> One other thought:  There are two aspects to the
> question of whether a long-time TMer who learned
> when the price was reasonable could afford it now.
> The first is whether one could afford it *knowing
> what one knows now* about the effects of TM; the
> other is whether one could afford it if one *didn't*
> know its effects.  The answers are likely to be very
> different in each case.
> I certainly wouldn't think I could afford to buy
> a pig in a poke, especially given the TMO's current
> nuttiness; but if I knew what was in the poke, I
> would find some way to afford it *despite* the TMO's
> current nuttiness.

The price of TM is: $52 a month over 4 years, which is $12 a week, 
or $1.70 a day. Even poor people in the US spend WAY more than this 
on coffee, unhealthy fizzy drinks, and many more unhealthy 
unnecessary things every day. 
If one did it over 2 tears instead of 4, then it is still only $3.40 
a day. Anyone who has the will to, can afford TM in the US.

When I first wanted to learn about yogic knowledge, I was ready to 
give up everything and travel to India to find what I was looking 
for, at great risk to myself and my future. Those who have benifited 
massively from TM, are now proclaiming to the people of the world 
that they should not give up their cafe-lattes for Vedic knowledge? 
This is incredibly selfish, since they have already had the benefit 
of the knowledge. Many people in the world have nothing to absorb 
the stress which pushes down upon them everyday. As a beneficiary of 
a practice that you can practice any day, anywhere, even in a 
prison, and find relief, if they have any conscience at all they 
should be telling as many people as they can that TM only costs 
$3.40 a day for 2 years !


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