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> > > That's why the NLP was a horrible disaster for the TMO.  They 
> > > NEVER have done it, it was wrong, and it was just another nail 
> > > the coffin of what was once a great movement.
> > 
> > I pretty much agree with you, but Maharishi said he had hoped to 
> over
> > the political administration of the world, and apparently 
believed he 
> could
> > do it. Hence, the NLP. Another example of the danger of being 
> isolated and
> > surrounded by Yes men.
> >
> Eh, unfathomable are the ways of Karma. Just because MMY justifies 
> he's doing something using a specific reason, doesn't mean that he 
> knows all the ramifications for why he's being compelled to do 
> something. His personality is just along for the ride, just like 
> everyone else's is, really.

Thats downright ridicelous. Maharishi gave the world an opportunity 
to respond to that beautiful knowledge of management. 
It did not, and He closed the whole thing.

Most people here and elsewhere are not even close to understand that 
Maharishi is way, way ahead of the collective consciousness. His 
plans are on a scale of infinity. But nobody can honestly say He is 
not trying. Unfortunatele His knowledge seems, at this time, to "fall 
on the hard rocks of ignorance".

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