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> > The  price of TM is: $52 a month over 4 years, which is $12 a 
> > or $1.70 a  day. Even poor people in the US spend WAY more than 
> this 
> > on coffee,  unhealthy fizzy drinks, and many more unhealthy 
> > unnecessary things every  day. 
> > If one did it over 2 tears instead of 4, then it is still only 
> $3.40  
> > a day. Anyone who has the will to, can afford TM in the US.
> > 
> > When I  first wanted to learn about yogic knowledge, I was ready 
> > give up  everything and travel to India to find what I was 
> > for, at great  risk to myself and my future. You are now 
> proclaiming 
> > to the people of the  world that they should not give up their 
> > lattes for Vedic knowledge?  This incredibly selfish, since you 
> have 
> > already had the benefit of the  knowledge. Many people in the 
> > have nothing to absorb the stress  which pushes down upon them 
> > everyday. As a beneficiary of a practice that  you can practice 
> > day, any where, even in a prison, and find relief, if  you have 
> > conscience at all you should be telling as many people as you  
> > that TM only costs $3.40 a day for 2 years  !
> > 
> > OffWorld
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > The average uninitiated person isn't going to give up their  
> comforts, 
> > pleasures, and bad habits to satisfy their curiosity about  
> something so 
> > abstract. Especially if finding a regular practicing TMer is  so 
> rare and there are 
> > so many that learned and quit. You have to consider there  are 
> times 
> > more people out there to say theylearned TM and got little or  
> nothing out of it 
> > than can say it has opened the universe to them. Twenty -five  
> hundred dollars 
> > is a very big commitment to the average person. To some, its  
> represents a 
> > couple of mortgage payments, four, five or six car payments,  
> Healthcare 
> > insurance premiums etc, things the average middle class person 
> will  not give up or 
> > risk not having in the future  should he be between jobs for  a 
> period of time. 
> > Vedic knowledge? What the hell is that to the average person  of 
> western 
> > culture? It means nothing to them.< If TM is going to out 
> it's current 
> > practitioners it has to shake the cult image, stop all the Vedic  
> this and Vedic 
> > that BS, get rid of the religious overtones and charge prices 
> average 
> > person can whip out a check book and right a check on the spot 
> without a  second 
> > thought to pay for the course. It needs to return to being an  
> organization 
> > fun to work for and one not need to fear being black balled by  
> others on power 
> > trips. The proof of the pudding is in the tasting, and Pure  
> consciousness 
> > means Nothing to the average person until they have experienced  
> Very well said. (Hey, I can't believe I'm agreeing with a raving 
> Republican! Maybe the A of E is really upon us!)  ;-)

Of course, Pure COnsciousness means nothing no matter how many times 
you have tastedit. Pure Consciousness means nothing if you're fully 

Sheesh. PC isn't anything you can write home about.

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