--- Michael Dean Goodman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> [Michael's commentary:
> This is where many long-term TM meditators are at,
> in my experience.
> They have had so much meditative experience that
> they are There.  But
> they hold onto the belief that they are still on the
> path, due to so
> many years or decades of commitment to seeking.  So
> many meditators
> that I've met have made it, are Self-realized, but
> they are mistakenly
> waiting for some special experience, or some
> relative sign or symptom,
> that they've gotten into their head will be the
> special sign of en-
> lightenment.  They believe that experience, which is
> in the relative,
> which comes and goes, will somehow herald the
> non-experience, non-rel-
> ative, continuum of the Self.  Self-inquiry, for
> just a few minutes,
> reveals to them that they are There.  They laugh,
> they cry, they re-
> joice to see how simple it is and how complicated
> they were making it.
> It is a remarkable moment to witness, when
> understanding catches up
> to experience and becomes whole.

Great post, Michael. Just wanted to add my two rupees.
All the decades of meditation lead to incredible
sattva, but not yet enlightenment because of the
thinnest thread of attachment to a concept of
enlightenment (i.e., enlightenment is some
thing/experience). I believe this is why so many
longtime TMer's just explode open when they have
conntact with other gurus. If I was to critique MMY,
it would only be his lack of direct contact with us,
the rank-and-file meditators. Maharishi! We needed you
around, man! We needed that darshan of Brahman.

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