No, no interest in your scheme as I feel it's basically a huge waste of time. How many different ways does somebody have to say it? If you want to spend your time and $$ like that, be my guest. I choose to help people, when I can, on a far more concrete level.


On Jan 3, 2006, at 5:28 PM, off_world_beings wrote:

Excuses, excuses.

--- In, Sal Sunshine
> I'm not the one haranguing people about how they should give up
> and that and basically do anything so they can get the $$ to
start.  I
> don't believe they should. I don't believe the benefits of TM,
> they might be for an individual, are worth that kind of $$ or
> close to it.  It just looks like a crass money-making scheme to
me. So,
> no, I won't be contributing.
> But since *you* feel that way, I assume you will be putting in all
> most of the $$.  Correct?
> Sal

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