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> A real  snake chasing its tail phenomenon, eh? I don't think price 
> the issue.  People will pay for what they value. So how do we 
> increase the perceived  value of TM? Who knows? Quite a fun 
> Probably something that  cannot be seen linearly in its possible 
> growing success, only charted by  its failures. So it remains an 
> question whether or not TM will  endure. 
> No, it's real easy. If you have never transcended, how can you  
place any 
> value on it? Let people satisfy their curiosity. If you have to 
charge  them any 
> thing, make it so it doesn't hurt to pay the fee to learn. Once 
the  person 
> has had the Transcendental experience and found benefits in 
practicing TM  he 
> will know what it means to him. Why do does anybody need to 
establish a high  
> monetary value on TM? Transcending either means something to you or 
it doesn't.  
> And the only way it can ever mean anything to a person is if they 
have done 
> it  and for some it may require a few times.

I didn't transcend clearly for many years after starting, IIRC.

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