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> > > The TMO has played itself out. With MMY's death it
> > > will go "poof" as everyone grabs for the money. MUM
> > > will disappear as nobody will pay the mortgage and the
> > > banks will foreclose. It'll be a very interesting
> > > time!
> > > 
> > > 
> > > 
> > 
> > Along these lines I had the experience of visiting Manhattan 
> > several years ago and stopped up to the very small center they 
> > have (or at least had then). I went to get my meditation checked 
> and
> > as I sat waiting for the checker to arrive, there was a steady 
> inflow
> > of meditators/sidhas/initiators coming in for an advanced 
> and
> > I was amazed to see people I had seen on courses over probably a
> > twenty+ year period walking in, very aged, some stooped over. 
> in
> > itsself was not so shocking as was the complete and total 
> of
> > young people. It reminded me of going to a Madame Blavatsky 
> meeting.
> I've had the same experience!
> I have likened it, on this forum previously, to what Yogananda's 
> Self-Realization Fellowship was to the TMO back in the '70s: a 
> remnant of a once-greater spiritual organisation peopled with 
> old ladies who meet for coffee klatches and very little new blood.
> Today, we are those little old ladies and, for the most part, 
> such as Hatha Yoga has taken over as the big thing, with virtually 
> millions trotting off to yoga classes each week...>>>

Maybe so, I have had the same experience, and don't get me wrong, I 
don't like the way the movement is going in many areas, and question 
many things, but I am objective when it comes to comparing the 
successes of techniques. Can anyone here name ANY movement that has 
received $20 million+ from US NIH in research grants, or published 
in 3 or 4 peer-reviewed scientific journals in the last 18 months, 
or has been recently researched at 4 or 5 major universities, or 
when was it last taught in an accredited US university and from 
kindergarten through PHD, or when was it last introduced to a US 
public school? 
I am sure these others MAY be a good thing, but they have barely 
even begun where Maharishi was 40 years ago, and have no proof of 
their efficacy....only heresay.

Go ahead, anyone...those who keep saying TM is floundering and their 
movement is more alive....let them show anything even REMOTELY close 
to the above achievements...which are only a few of Maharishi's. 


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