I've not read a lot of Nisargadatta, but I get the same thing when reading him, the great similarity in non-dual oral instructions. Why would it be any different? It's also important to mention that this is just about carrying the View once one has attained that, but it is not the View.

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Comment right here at the top:

Vaj, thank you for this post (below), and without trying to belabor

the point I would just comment that, based on my reading of

Nisargadatta, there is nothing in the following that I feel he would

disagree with (leaving aside the specific stuff re mandalas and more

Buddhist-specific practices), and most particularly the explanation of

the "pure" or "original mind" as I understand it from reading below.

He says that the abidance in the sense of "I Am-ness" will itself

reveal the original (and eternal, so to speak) state that has always

been even before that sense of "I Am".

Again, I'm not trying to push a Nisargadatta agenda, but only to

piggyback on some of the earlier discussion vis-a-vis "new advaitins".


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