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> Maharishi has characterized enlightenment as 24 hours bliss, 

And that is an interesting definition. 

Peter says "bliss is dumb", which I assume is his experience, so I
wonder if that means that, per Maharishi, that the enlightened are
dumb 24 hours a day? 

My experience of bliss is that it is whole, complete, the essence of
satisfying, enveloping, vastly and deeply playful, knowing, powerful
and silent -- but not dumb. Maybe its a differnt bliss than Peter's.
Many paths many moutains perhaps. Process is product and all.  

And to me, in my experience -- "bliss right now" (and as you say
whether its permanent is another issue and in some ways irrelevant if
its "Here Now" ) -- that experience precludes anger, grumpiness,
ownershipness, and any feeling of needing to be "right". Yet virtually
all of the "enlightened" -- the ones in "24 hours in bliss" -- per
Mharishi's definition -- on this list, appear to experience and
express such, at least from time to time. (Though "appear" is key
since what can one really tell from words alone, without actually
knowing a perons and being presnet with them.) 

I know the oft-repeated responses, "And what does anger have to do
with Consciousness, really?"

I guess my response is "And what does 'Bliss Right Now' have to do
with anger and grumpiness?"

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