If you like Ekman's work, and get LinkTV, check out the "Lunch with Bokara" episode "Meditation, Emotions & Body Language" which feature Vipassana/Insight junkie Jack Kornfield and Paul Ekman. They seem to replay them fairly often.

On Jan 5, 2006, at 5:21 PM, Patrick Gillam wrote:

Did you read about Ekman's work in the New Yorker last year? I'd love the ability to read faces 

the way he can. The article told about a flash of a smirk that gave away Bill Clinton when he 

was lying about Monica, and about a cop who held his fire even though a perp was pointing a 

gun at the cop, just because the cop could see in the perp's eyes that he was not going to 

pull the trigger. Now, that's faith in one's powers of perception!

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