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> Someone wants to know:
> Hi, Rick,
> I remember reading years ago about a lab analysis of MAPI amrit kalash
> that found inordinate amounts of rat fur and feces therein. Do you
> recall? Can you put your fingers on the study?

The study was allegedly of a MA treatment being given to an HIV patient 
in the UK. It was NOT, according to my sources, MAK. Also, the study 
was apparently commisioned/overseen by representatives of Burroughs-
Welcome, makers of the first anti-HIV drug. There's a book on the early 
politics of AIDS that devotes an entire chapter to the conflict between 
the British Medical community and B-W on one side, and the Maharishi 
Ayurveda people in the UK on the other. As far as I know, it wasn't 
written by a TMer, but by someone with an interest in the politics of 

> More recently I read of a study in Boston of various ayurvedic potions
> that found high levels of mercury and other heavy metals. The study 
> occasioned by an MD examining a patient with acute lead poisoning. Are
> you familiar therewith? Do you know if any MAPI products were included
> in that survey?

No MAPI products sold in the USA at least are meant to contain heavy 
metals, and MAPI has employed an independent testing lab here in the 
USA for at least the past few years to screen for any heavy metal 

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