Rudy, wassup? You still in Hawaii? Doing any writing?

--- In, "rudy" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The rap i heard from Haglan and the TM radio station was incredulous 
> bordering on the insane..on Sunday 1/8. He said 2005 was a good 
> year, the best in many for tragedies and crime and upset 
> etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn't we have the tsunami and katrina and the 
> huge earthquakes in MMY's home country and the illegal horrendous 
> war in Iraq and the ongoing lies from our govt and so many severe 
> tragedies, and about 32 wars around the world????
> I say that Haglan talk was a conscious lie.
> Then they said the need $10 trillion!!!!!! to start the BIGGST LAND 
> movements or companies or people who are basic failurs tend to 
> exhibit megolamania? $10,000,000,000,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
> It's not going to happen just like the phony pundit deal..Why do 
> they lie??? if the movement was just real and honest there'd be so 
> many people involved and it would flourish, especially if it didnt 
> seem to be ONLY ABOUT $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. $2500 to get 
> initiated?? That's just not right.
> They want people to buy minimum $50,000 bonds and get 10-12% return. 
> i don't believe that at all. i want to see the contracts and some 
> form of verification here. They won't come forth.
> Also he went on to say how 80 countries would have this published in 
> the Intern'l Tribune....Published??? I assume it means the movement 
> bought ads proclaiming this outrageous $10 trillion land deal which 
> will never even start.
> Why why why does the movement and MMY keep saying stuff that's 
> untrue???? Why??
> We all know that TM works in its own way but its failed most people, 
> (and most meditators have quit).... in the context of its so called 
> promises..and these HUGE goals. Whatever happened to the tallest 
> building in the world and the largest amusement park in the world??? 
> Why say it if its all BS???
> Why not just teach TM at a reasonable $ and keep it simple? WHY????
> Its become so sad and unbelievable now for many many years.....Too 
> bad. I love MMY since seeing him first in 1970 but gee....why can't 
> we just help the world in a realistic way and by the way where's all 
> the $$$$ go?? Resort investments for the Mahesh family???? Man!!!!   
> Come on!!! wake up! Its beyond may be criminal..
> Jai

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