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I was weaned on Macsuntil G4, then switched to Toshiba 2.2mhz, about 3

years ago - excellent, reliable, workhorse, better than the current

Macs, but I might switch back to Apple if this new one proves its



Apple Unveils New Macs Using Intel Chips

AP - 2 hours, 1 minute ago

SAN FRANCISCO - Apple Computer Inc.'s historic shift to Intel Corp.

microprocessors came earlier than expected Tuesday as CEO Steve Jobs

unveiled an updated iMac computer based on the world's largest

semiconductor company's new two-brained chip. The switch to Intel was

first announced in June, when Apple said it expected to begin making

the transition by the middle of 2006. But on Tuesday, Apple CEO Steve

Jobs was joined onstage by Intel CEO Paul Otellini, who was wearing a

bunny suit, to make the announcement.


Nice thing is the chip will still be able to run windoze--so you'll  

be able to partition your drive and run both if you so desire. Of  

course you can easily put both the new Mac and the PeeCee on a  

wireless connection as Mac's have Samba networking built in. I  

connect to my PeeCee (a Toshiba laptop) at home all the time from my  


But that is a non-dual state.

In more ways than one, this is the first Intel chip with the 65 nanometer technology:

Intel Core Duo is an order-of-magnitude leap forward. It’s the first Intel chip born of the new 65-nanometer process, which allows for the creation of transistors so small, you could fit a hundred inside a single human cell. With two powerful processors designed to share resources and circuitry so unimaginably small, Intel Core Duo achieves far higher levels of performance while actually consuming less power.

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