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> > Râja Nader Râm, Jan 12th 2006:
> >
> > His Divine Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
> Wow. In both of those titles, only one word (the
> family name, Nader or Mahesh) is not made up.
> What is it about human beings that convinces them
> that if they add more honorifics to a person's
> name, the person becomes more honorable?

Is that why people add honorifics to someone's name?

Or is it because *they* feel the person is already
especially honorable?  or to put it another way, do
folks add honorifics because they wish to do more
honor to a person?

I think I would feel better just to hear some official body of Vedic scholars refer to him as Maharishi rather than Mahesh Yogi, let alone some Divine Holiness addition.

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