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> > Akashanon writes: I have said, 'hey guys, lets focus on substance.'
> > 
> > TorquiseB writes:
> > Dude, why don't you try being honest with yourself 
> > for once.  What you *meant* by "Let's focus on
> > substance" was "Let's all talk about what *I* want
> > to talk about, in the pseudointellectual way I like
> > to talk about such things. Anything else is off-topic."
> > It's your whole act here.
> > 
> > Tom T:
> > That is why he is so careful in his self appointed role as the
> > Dogma/thought patrol. Wouldn't want anyone here to have any
> > substantive opportunity to discuss and share experiences. Must 
> clear
> > it with the Dogma patrol and get the blessing of substance that 
> only
> > the intellect can understand. Anyone who deviates from that script 
> and
> > role playing must certainly be OTP and subject to intense scrutiny 
> on
> > a word by word basis for error and wrong thinking. Must keep that
> > thinking in a very narrow path. Must Must Must. Should should 
> should.
> >
> The cool thing about akashanon's constant parrying and challenging 
> is that it strengthens the Awakening experience of those who are 
> challenged. 
> Its like this dude I encountered in the post office the other day, 
> where I'm plunking endless amounts of change into the one 
> functioning stamp machine, and the machine is rejecting about every 
> third coin, and given that, along with the price of a book of twenty 
> stamps these days, it is taking a long time to buy my stamps. 
> So I'm putting in coins, and putting in coins, and then I hear from 
> behind me, an annoyed and persistent voice, "Buy the stamps! C'mon 
> buy the stamps!". I ignore it, not really catching the connection, 
> and keep plunking my change in, and several seconds later, "Buy the 
> stamps! Buy the stamps!". At this point I turn around, and see that 
> it is this guy in line, addressing me. So I stop what I am doing and 
> begin calmly explaining what I am doing, and why it is taking so 
> long.
> This doesn't satisfy him, and he interrupts with, "Well, then just 
> push the button! Buy some stamps with what you have!". So I explain 
> that the machine only offers 20 stamp books and I haven't put enough 
> stamps in. He isn't satisfied by my explanation, because he has 
> apparently made up his mind that I am wrong, and dammit, I'm not 
> conforming to that view of his. Anyway, he got frustrated and left, 
> and I got my stamps.
> Afterwards, I realized how much such an experience had validated and 
> reinforced the silence which now permeates my Being, is an 
> everpresent constituent of me, and how such experiences stretch and 
> test our true Nature.
> So, the same with akashanon. The more he challenges what we who have 
> Awakened express, the stronger it gets. I don't know whether it 
> helps him or not, though...

I am glad it helps. If my posts help reduce the contradictions,
cognitive errors, dogma and baseless assumptions, then discussions of
substance  will be clearer and deeper.

I get value in seeing how oddly ones words can be read. Its helps
writing skills -- a challenge to try to make ones writing clear even
to those who respond primarily to voices in their heads and not whats
on the page. 

And I get huge a huge source of laughter seeing the contradictions,
cognitive errors, dogma and baseless assumptions that some posters
make everyday. Including you. Thanks for that. Its a great gift.

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