Mom, Myra Shimp Leed is stronger-- Happier etc. but its just now a short time remaining we believe  however the cd's have helped . THANKS for bringing them & there purchase for me us. .. I note I had the Amma group do thing for Mom as well just before & she rapidly became physicly better. THANKS Tom & Cindy.
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From: tomandcindytraynoratfairfieldlis <>
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Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: Laughing With, At and At/With

Akashanon writes: I have said, 'hey guys, lets focus on substance.'

TorquiseB writes:
Dude, why don't you try being honest with yourself 
for once.  What you *meant* by "Let's focus on
substance" was "Let's all talk about what *I* want
to talk about, in the pseudointellectual way I like
to talk about such things. Anything else is off-topic."
It's your whole act here.

Tom T:
That is why he is so careful in his self appointed role as the
Dogma/thought patrol. Wouldn't want anyone here to have any
substantive opportunity to discuss and share experiences. Must clear
it with the Dogma patrol and get the blessing of substance that only
the intellect can understand. Anyone who deviates from that script and
role playing must certainly be OTP and subject to intense scrutiny on
a word by word basis for error and wrong thinking. Must keep that
thinking in a very narrow path. Must Must Must. Should should should.

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