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> > > But as it turns out I have neither had, nor have
> > > I ever sought, any experience that could in any way be
> > > descried as "there is no me-vs-them, we are all one."  
> > > 
> > > I suspect that this description has almost nothing to 
> > > do with real experiences of the direct perception of Unity.
> > > In other words, what I think Judy is describing is a
> > > guess, *from the point of view of someone who hasn't 
> > > even experienced CC*, of what Unity might be like.  
> > > Me, I consider her description NewAgeSpeak at its
> > > worst, 
> > 
> > Tom T:
> > As Neil DOnald Walsh once wrote, "there is only one of US". Once
> > awakening occurs that is one of the basic understandings that is
> > unadvoidable. Given that an awake person "gets" or "groks" THAT, 
> > then there is no differrence between being laughed at or with. 
> > As a matter of fact it just becomes another opportunity to just 
> > laugh at the craziness inside the monkey house and out. Laughter 
> > is just laughter. No Attack. No Attacker. Just me and the other 
> > me rolling on the floor whooping it up. TOm T
> > 
> > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FairfieldLife/message/85017
> > 
> > Interesting hypothesis Barry. Maybe Tom Traynor is "someone who 
> > hasn't even experienced CC*, of what Unity might be like."

> In other words, what you're trying to do is claim
> that if any two people say that they've experienced
> awakening or enlightenment or *whatever* one chooses
> to call it, and they don't AGREE with each other,
> something is not right.  Did I get your basic thesis?

um, if they  describe mutually exclusive attributes of enlightenment,
and describe mutually exclusive experiences of E., yes, I am skeptical
that they are talking about the same thing. You don't?  

Also when I see self-proclaimed E. steeped cognitive errors and
hallucination, one even claiming that NOT making cognitive errors is a
characteristic of E, I get a bit skeptical that they are not making
cognitive errors in interpreting their experiences.

And because of the above, I doubt the value of the label of

> Well, I'm suggesting that your basic thesis is a 
> rather dimwitted, simplistic view of a far more 
> complicated reality, 

Well, I grant you that I hold you quite well qualified to know what
dimwittedness is all about.  :) An expert witness.

> and that you choose to believe  
> the dimwitted view because your time 
> has made you intellectually lazy and taught you to 
> settle for consistent, easy answers. 

But in your time with him, you were immune? And you know my
educatioanal, work and life experience in the almost 30 years since I
      saw MMY. And you know this had no effect on my so-called mmy
induced "dimwittedness"?

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Keep it up Barry. I don't mind the bloody fist from
pounding the floor in laughter. You are such a trip!

> And if settling for consistent, easy answers makes 
> you happy, I say more power to you.  Good deal.  I 
> wish you the best of luck with that.

And where did I say I sought that? You are making more cognitive
errors, barry. Still having that flashback problem?

> Me, I'd rather have experiences than spout theories 
> about them, 

ME TOO! We finally have something in common!.

But who is that voice in your head that says I like to spout theories.
Fire him. He is way drunk.

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