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> > "Any idiot who had only read "Buddhism For Dummies"
> > (and yes, there is such a book, and strangely enough
> > it's actually pretty good) could come up with a dozen
> > things in Bevan's talk that indicate he has never even
> > read that much about the subject, or if he has, he was
> > too involved in projecting Maharishi's ideas *onto* the
> > subject to understand what the subject was."
> > 
> > 
> > It is considered good practice when writing criticism to first 
> > establish a credible foundation. Citing "Buddhism For Dummies" 
> > weakens your critique by referencing a text some consider less 
> > than scholarly.  
> Says someone who has obviously never read the 
> book in question.  I was serious; it's actually
> very well done, as are many of the books in that
> series.  I was shocked at how well the editors
> put together a concise, accurate overview of
> Buddhism.

Of course, is Buddhism what the Buddha taught?

> My original point (the quote dredged up from the
> archives by Willytex, who is obviously off his
> meds again, is mine) was that Bevan, in the talk that
> is being referred to, had obviously not even read
> "Buddhism for Dummies," or, in my opinion, any-
> thing about Buddhism, period.  I suspect that,
> like many TMers, he just assumed that he knew
> all about that path because he practiced TM and 
> that is "the highest path."  Just as you assumed
> that it was Ok to trash a book you've never read
> because of its pop-culture title.  Elitists tend
> to think alike.  :-)

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