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> > >
> > > I would suggest
> > > that in many if not most cases the "victim" was per-
> > > fectly happy to be lied to as long as they felt more
> > > special than people outside the group or than other
> > > students within the group.  It's just human nature,
> > > and teachers merely take advantage of it.
> > 
> > I agree fully with this. The main problem here is that the
> > teacher pretends himself to be capable of acting from a higher 
> > moral level. 
> If this happens, I think we're agreed that it's not
> a good thing. It wouldn't be a good thing if the 
> reacher really *was* enlightened.
> > His getting to his high position has probably become possible
> > through this pretending and lying. This pretension must have 
> > become an established habit much before he got to the position 
> > of a bishop. It is not just that power corrupts.
> > Also corrupted people often get into important positions using
> > corruption and lies as they climb ladders
> Barry:I'm not convinced of this. I've seen a lot of people
> lose it once they *got* to a position in which a lot
> of people were focusing their attention on them. I
> tend to think more occultly, and believe that this
> focus is what took them out. In many cases the 
> students were *expecting* the teachers to act like
> little gods, and the teachers themselves were not
> strong enough to resist the role that was being
> projected onto them by the students, so they went
> along with it. Once they start down that path, it's
> very difficult to turn around.

Irmeli: I agree with this. The corruption may be more often happening
this way.
People's expectations are probably the biggest villain here. The other 
is the leader's attachment to his position and need to keep it by all
means. The good news is that nowadays the corrupted means are starting
to fail the leaders more and more often.

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