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> Here's the text from the article (found att archive search 'Maharishi'
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And here's a rough translation of it from Babelfish:

In English:
Here' S the text from the article (found att files search ' Maharishi' At
http://www.illustre.ch): © the Magazine; 21.12.2005; number 51; page 36 the
report "Switzerland is indicated to be the paradise on Earth" the insane
Utopia of the rajah Felix Kaegi Couronnés of gold, they move in Cadillac of
de luxe hotel in de luxe hotel with an aim proclaimed to make of Switzerland
a haven of peace. Which direction to give to the disconcerting operation
launched to Geneva by the emissary of Maharishi, the father of the
meditation transcendantale? Inquire. Text: Francoise Boulianne Photographs:
Claude Gluntz When the wise watch the moon, the insane one looks at the
finger, known as the proverb. Perfect. But which is the wise one and which
is the insane one, in this business? The militants of May 68 wanted to shave
the Alps to see the sea thirty-seven years later, the emissary of Maharishi
Mahesh Yogi, formerly guru of Beatles, want to shave Geneva to see peace,
happiness, prosperity. Is it necessary to laugh their crowns, their
limousines and de luxe hotels which they affectionnent? Or then is it
necessary to pay attention to their provocative message, altogether enticing
in this period of capital crisis, the more so as it is carried by million
faithful followers of the meditation transcendantale (MT), to start with
David Lynch or Clint Eastwood? In the doubt, we encased the step with these
funny rajahs with the pink cheeks from Zurich, from London and New York to
preach the fine words in French-speaking Switzerland. Act I, December 14, to
Lausanne Palace Go with Felix Kaegi, rajah de Suisse. First surprised: its
majesty has humour. Questioned on its crown, which it raises with the
timidity of a champion of decathlon slipping for the first time into an
evening dress, it admits readily that it is not very comfortable and that it
removes it to sleep. This man with the surprising destiny explains that it
was born in Saint-Gall in 1954, the year when Francoise Sagan published
Hello sadness and Boris Vian sang the deserter. Wire of a photographer, who
established later his shop with Stäfa, on banks of Lake Zurich, it had its
first flash at 14 years, by dividing into sheets the Salut magazine buddies.
"Beatles posed with their Indian guru, says it. In search of values which I
did not find in my village, I punaisé the photograph on the wall of my room.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi became the symbol of what I sought." Of wire out of
needle, Felix comes into contact with the founder of the MT. Its training of
finished chemist, it throws to the nettles its diploma and the skimped
aspirations of its medium to go to follow the teaching of its Master. Thirty
years later, here the rajah de Suisse, coldly formed with its role of king -
in Holland, where Maharishi saw -, in company of 21 other rajahs of various
areas of the world. It is flanked of one charming wife, Mona, named mother
of the field of the rajah de Suisse. Rich person girl followers of the MT,
initially formed as designer, it became professor of meditation and
naturopathe in Zurich. Proud of his successes, her husband specifies that in
six years, it initiated more than 1000 new practise. As cordial as concerned
to make well, both explain their project lengthily, which lights full of
small stars in their ingenuous eyes. "Reconstruire Geneva in respect with
the natural laws will bring to this city peace, happiness and prosperity,
which will make it possible to show the way in the world", says in short.
"We must do everything to prevent a forthcoming war, specifies Felix Kaegi,
which contemplates eight hours per day to stimulate the forces necessary to
its mission. Thanks to its traditions of peace and freedom, Switzerland is
naturally indicated to become the paradise on Earth. What it misses, it is
to include/understand the benefits of the meditation, which dissolves in
particular the fears and the conflicts, as well as the principles of vedic
science, mother of all knowledge." Is this in the name of these principles
which it was established in Lausanne Palace and drives limousine? "Note that
I have neither yacht nor private aircraft to show you, it still smiles. The
money is not dirty in oneself, the capacity and comfort either. What counts,
it is how it is obtained and what one does. A king must assume a parental
role, and make sure that nobody suffers in his kingdom. For that, it is
necessary money in its treasury for him." Act II, December 15, hotel
President Wilson, Geneva the rajahs sumptuously launched their conference
"Reconstruire Geneva creative downtown of a happy destiny" by means of full
pages of advertisements published in the local press. But they allured only
one score of curious, which await them in the Neptune living room of the de
luxe hotel where they unload, without three-pronged forks but crowns with
the face. Luxurious documentation, simultaneous translation - all the
speakers express themselves in English, some by interposed screen -, orange
juice and small furnaces. Large furnace too. At the end of one hour and half
of soporific speeches aiming at establishing that Western scientific
research and Eastern vedic knowledge are combined to show that Geneva must
be shaven, and will be it, the majority of the assistance east flees.
Imperturbable, the caméraman of the movement fixes the rajahs and their
wives without never being turned over on the deserted room. The images are
retransmitted in the whole world, says us one, thanks to the networks remote
transmission of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Which is the share of wisdom,
mystification and marketing in this operation? The conscientiousness of a
journalist not being definitely to the height of the universal conscience
preached here, we raise the camp without very hoping for answer. Act III,
December 15, with leaving the conference is to count without the two
Genevese professors of meditation transcendantale who, in the corridors of
the de luxe hotel, locate with the quarter of turn our perplexity.
Questions? Yes. A coffee cup? Yes. "the rajahs, this conference, all these
developments new also surprise us, to the point acknowledge Leonard Stein
and Sophie Tochon, which are however thirty years old of practice behind
them. One could almost speak about a blow of bludgeon." Trustful however,
they remember. "In 1975 already, whereas a million Americans had been
initiated in the MT, Maharishi had chosen to further go and to give on the
agenda the ancestral techniques of yoguic levitation, or flight, which had
disturbed not badly world." 88 years old, does the Indian Master feel his
end to come and tries it to consolidate his empire thus? "Perhaps, they
admit. But isn't the role of a Master to shock the spirits to leave them
their torpor? Wise as cannot quite simply be to him on the same level that
us, without what it would not have anything to teach us." Is the idea to
shave Geneva, and after it Zurich, Basle, Paris or New York, a strategy to
draw the attention? "to initiate the changes necessary in the life of the
cities, of which each one can note that they do not allow the blooming of
their inhabitants, it is necessary well to indicate the objectives, explains
Leonard Stein. Thus this project should be included/understood. Moreover,
which architect did not dream of more radiant cities, Corbusier at the
head?" Is the MT becoming a sect and the money its engine? "Of tens of
thousands of people practise the meditation transcendantale in all intimacy,
without never attending one of our meetings, objects Sophie Tochon. This
technique is right a catch to connect twice twenty minutes per day on
cosmos. It aims making the practise autonomous, and not dependent, at coming
into contact with the true values of the life. No contribution is perceived
and the introductory course, which currently costs 2900 franks, ensures a
follow-up life with all those which wish it." Concerned to better perceive
waitings of the citizens of his kingdom, the rajah Felix Kaegi asked us by
e-mail our conclusions as for the conference of which he was the host, last
Thursday, in Geneva. That honours it. Here, respectfully, in the form of
proverb still: who will live will see. F B Imposing and disputed Projets
Switzerland seen by Maharishi the initiators of the meditation
transcendantale have ambitions for the cities, to start with Geneva, and for
the countryside, like here in the Jura. Rediscovered by the researchers of
Maharishi, the principles of vedic architecture require East-West directed
houses and a great attention paid to the topography of the built places,
river, relief, axes of communication. That only, in their eyes, will allow
the cities as Geneva to turn the back on all noxious environments which
weigh on their citizens. Aiming at a better quality of life, the experts of
the movement were also interested in the "natural laws", to promote
biological agriculture, the teaching of the meditation to the schoolboys and
a framework of life allowing to observe this perfect source of inspiration
which is nature. Already with the head of immense headquarters with
Seelisberg, close to the plain of Grütli, and of a score of centers in
Switzerland, they have the project to install, on 15 hectares of ground with
Vendlincourt (JU), a great complex of re-arrangement. Oppositions are done
day, but the Jurassic minister Jean-François Roth rather therefore seems: in
the name of what to be sulky 25 million investments and about fifteen
employment? Illuminated by their mission triumphal Departure for the
conference on the rebuilding of Geneva. The rajah Felix Kaegi, of
Switzerland, and his wife, Mona, precede, on the staircases of Lausanne
Palace, the rajah Paul Potter, of New York, and his wife, Susie. Cadillac is
advanced For more comfort, rajah Felix, his counterparts of New York and of
England and their wives move in their limousine six doors registered in the
canton of Uri. The most favourable door the three rajahs chose to enter by
the east to the hotel President Wilson, according to precepts' vedic which
they will present at the time of their conference on the rebuilding of
Geneva. Sparse assistance In spite of advertising beating, only some curious
moved to hear the rajahs and the experts of vedic sciences. But, thanks to
the channels of diffusion of Maharishi, their remarks will find echo in the
whole world. The support of the stars Father of the meditation
transcendantale, Maharishi has Pharaonic projects. The scenario writer David
Lynch currently tries to collect 7 billion dollars to build Palates of
peace. While choosing Maharishi like guru, Beatles - here with Mia Farrow
and Donovan -, launched a fashion followed by million Westerners and some
stars in the world. Celine Dion. David Lynch. Stevie Wonder. Clint Eastwood.
Linked in spirituality Rajah Felix and his wife, Mona, here in a living room
of Lausanne De luxe hotel, the meditation and the vegetarianism practise
since long years, to cultivate a high level of conscience. The new plan of
Geneva. The ground aimed at Vendlincourt...... to create a center dedicated
to the meditation and the re-arrangement. Y

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