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> > Perhaps you can shed some light on the following:
> > 
> > Peter claims that this precession changes the orientation of 
> > buildings over long of time -- that a building facing due east will 
> > be facing due west in 13,000 years due to precession
> I just went back and looked, and Peter did *not* claim
> a building facing due east will be facing due west in
> 13,000 years.  That was your interpretation of what he
> wrote.  

Yes, it was my mistaken extrapolation of what he said. I thought he
was saying the orientation to the sun changed one degree every 72
years. And  I just did the math 72* 180 =13000 years.

As I now understand it , he would hold that the orientation changes 24
  degrees every 13000 years.  Or one degree every 541 years.

My main question still holds. Does the orientation of a building to
the sun really change at that rate? Like pyramids, 4000 yrs  / 500 is
about 8 degrees. Has the orientation of the pyramids to the sun
changed 8 degrees? A recent poster says no. If he is correct, then
Peter's point about SV getting out of whack over time  is invalid.

>As far as I can tell, he was saying what I told
> you, that there would be a 24-degree variance.
> That 24 degrees (at 13,000 years) is the *most* it
> varies from the starting point--and then over the next
> 13,000 years the variance decreases until it's 0 degrees
> at 26,000 years.  And then the cycle begins again.

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